3 Waves of Deliberated Explorations

explorations délibérées deliberated explorations beach normandy review reflection

We are about to wrap up this year. It is time to review the few writings I have shared over the past twelve months that flew by.

I had the chance to pause, reflect, write and refine deep thoughts and observations in-between tests, learning, and engagement, whether on a duo, team, network or community – level, in the context of the pandemic and shifts in my life and work.

What is the common thread of my writings this year? What theme is guiding my writing this year?

The deliberate explorations will arouse your curiosity with each article published over the months.

Deliberated Explorations – Wave 1

In Pluriversal, I kick-started the year by going deep into my Asian roots, defragging my thinking and breaking free learning.

In Healthy and Synchronicity, I shared observations on bringing back our sanity and looking for synchronicity in our lives and work.

In Embracing a community, I used the flight experience/onboarding metaphor to share my reflection and questions on community onboarding and engagement.

In March, I was grateful for the contributions of the women and the uniqueness of this month. Below is a photo I took in Paris.

paris march sensemaking networks communities

Deliberated Explorations – Wave 2

In Seeds, I highlighted thoughts and experiences related to shifting, urgent optimism, blogging, future skills, superpowers, and Norway.

In Feed, I expand my latest post to share my working and learning activities for the past few weeks.

In Breed, I keep on cultivating my share of working and learning out’s activities.

In Weed, I wrapped the series of four blog posts to share observations and thoughts on shifting and learning.

cultivation feed living house skills creativity work

Photo taken as part of an exhibition at the Centre d’art contemporain à la Ferme du Buisson in Noisiel.

Deliberated Explorations – Wave 3

In Summer Musings, I captured the readings, music playlist and exhibits I handpicked.

In Plurality, I was deliberated on the ways and which I developed habits and designed, nudged and created my glossary.

In Momentum, I shared my latest learnings and observations on upskilling and deskilling.

In Rippling, I amplify observations and thoughts on kindness, agility and experiences.

explorations délibérées deliberated explorations beach normandy review reflection

A photo I took on a beach in Normandy.

Deliberated Explorations – Gratitude

Thanks to Ryan Tracey for his post ‘Indecent proposals‘. It inspires me to review my posts for this year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and the crème de la crème for the new year!

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