Exploring at our Own Pace

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explorer à notre rythme exploring our own pace

How do we keep exploring at our own pace?

Exploring Ways at our Own Pace

Work and learning are becoming multimodal and interlaced, with synced and asynchronous activities. More virtual ways, less long offline activities.

We travel less abroad. Only locally, when the health situation and conditions are allowed, and only if meeting with a team, customers, or partners is necessary. Preparing a meeting or any event goes online.

With more cities and countries exploring the idea of free-fare public transport, there is hope for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Exploring Activities at our Own Pace

Intentional and paced activities help us to be productive and creative when we co-create, brainwrite and brainstorm through a platform and calls. We go live when we need to decide.

Practices are developed in online private communities of practice. Stories are discussed on work we do on our own and with our teams. People go back to blogs and online and offline communities to go deep into a fragmented world.

Public social networks help to connect and learn but not so much to go deep. They help to be exposed to global perspectives, though. We share our knowledge with other people. We ask questions. We chat in multiple rooms.

Arts such as poetry, music, photography, drawing, dance, sports, exhibits, festivals and prints are used to foster awareness, conversation and inspiration. In that way, we work on improving ourselves and together continuously.

Exploring, Connecting & Learning Together at our Own Pace

People connect over social networks. Then hang out on video or audio calls to get to know each other and test the waters. They become intentional and productive together through a private online platform and documents.

They pause. Sleep on whatever was produced. Review and reflect on. Add more ideas: test and iterate. Decide what is the best to keep and to eliminate. Finally, share the output. Tell the story.

Self-care is at the heart of the nowness of learning, work, travel and gathering. It is about managing better energy, focus, and attention and what is purposeful and essential when engaging oneself and others in human activities.

The hackathons, festivals, conferences, webinars, meetups, and workshops – go remote and in-person. They start with check-in and check-out—proper onboarding and offboarding with caring.

The focus is more on interacting and learning with the participants than being the speaker with a longish deck: conversation, purposeful gathering and community building over the content.

Do we pollute less? We consume less. We reuse—the resurgence of flea markets.

Music, sports, wellness and manual activities are integrated into the business experience to help people connect, have fun, enjoy experiences, care for each other and be creative and innovative.

People connect before, during and after an event through platforms and social networks. Collective knowledge is shared widely, retrievable and used for emerging projects and research.

Exploring & Developing Future Experiences & Skills at our Own Pace

Resilience and learnability are the two main strengths and capabilities that any organization or recruiter seeks to hire and onboard newbies in a project. The blog is how we now-proof our thinking and progress, and strengths.

Blogs show how we work, reflect, lead and learn out loud. The website/online portfolio is how we offer what we do, have done and what we are doing and improving.

We are in beta, working and learning continuously. ASAP is replaced by WTA – when time allows—responding meaningfully and deeply over instant and futile replies.

We help people to master disciplines, hone skills, learn new knowledge, skills and use new tools. We help people to let go of old-school practices and mental models. We know from new inspirations and actions.

We learn from subject matter networks and communities, not only from experts. We share which communities we belong to, the networks we play, the team we collaborate with, and projects we work on solo.

Small, local, remote and cheap experience is becoming the new normal to work, learn, travel and belong.

Exploring & Deciding at our Own Pace

Trustworthiness and taking risks are how we decide if we learn, work, travel and engage with people, a place, a project, a purpose, and experience.

Resetting, recalibrating, uncertainty, perpetual beta, resilience, caring, meaning, futures thinking, collective forces/mobs, modernity, caution and risks averse, deep learning and work, self-care and collective support, local travel, communities of practice.

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