In the community of practice, Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, that is focused on work and learning, our facilitator Harold Jarche asked members to come prepared for our latest conversation with answers to three questions:

“What is the most important

On My Bookshelf

I am a word person and books lover.

Fiction. Non-fiction. Visual books. Business books. French ones. International ones. Bring them on!

Here is below why I am reading and will read over this Summer and beyond.


Assess Yourself

“Engagement begins at home. All engagement stems from how we engage within ourselves, and how we engage with people in our everyday life.” — Scott Gould on his weekly newsletter, 18th October 2019

Consider doing the engagement

The Neo-Generalist — Why & What

After I read the book, The Neo-Generalist, by Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin, thoughts, feelings and stories shared in it resonates as I am shifting in a world of constant of change.