On Autonomous Vehicles

“In the next decade, autonomous vehicles will evolve to become the ultimate mobile computer. These intelligent and connected robots will be nomadic nodes on the Internet of Things, efficiently shuttling atoms around our built environment not unlike

Below is what I have spotted from learning on my own and with interesting people. I also include few thougths to trigger your curiosity and reflection.

Photo shot by Rotana Ty during a flight in Europe.

On Learning Continuously

“You’ve got to marinate your head, in that time and culture. You’ve got to become them.” (Speaking about researching, and reading, and immersing yourself in History)” — David McCullough (John Adams)

Since I was born, I live in …

Photo shot by Rotana Ty during a sunny walk in Vienna, Austria.

“As humans teach ever more capable machines to use language, the once-obvious line between them will blur.” — The Economist

If our world is becoming augmented and automated, …