“The first bud of spring sings the other seeds into joining her uprising.” ― Amanda Gorman

Happy Spring!

I’ve been thinking about shifting, urgent optimism, blogging, future skills, superpowers, and Norway. So enjoy what is coming below.

Thinking about


New year, new possibilities. Pluriversal, visual thinking and continuous learning.

Pluriversal: Being at the Heart of Asia

New year, new possibilities. Pluriversal ones. In a few weeks, on February 1st 2022, there will be another celebration of the Chinese …

I look back to look forward. 2021: what are my main themes, moments of change and ripples?

Community Management

I went deeper into the discipline of community management this year in various ways:

📜 Certified by The Community Roundtable: Community

New Heights Mapped

During the first week of May, I was off for a week with two other people to hike, bike and wander in the French region of Isère. I enjoyed exploring and riding different cities and villages, forests …

“With increased remote work, rise of gig-based economies, digital transformation and automation, the landscape of work has already started to change in a post COVID world. If the only thing that’s constant is change, skills are the currency that can

One retrospective at the past six months and three futurespectives.

Through a community chat and a blog post, I had the opportunity to engage in a live session, where I reviewed the past six months in a retrospective manner and …

Triple Check: Head Heart Gut

I dived deep into holistic health in a previous post. Noticing ourselves helps us to wire ourselves on different levels.

Below is what I sketched while doing a guided self-awareness exercice, ‘Head Heart Gut’ …

Strengths Building Coaching

his is Summertime. After being involved intensively over the past few months in co-creating and enacting a learning community and program specialised in soft skills, I review, refine and recalibrate through my strengths and self-knowledge.

“The ability

tay Present, Healthy, Fit and Resilient.

In a post-normal world, it can be challenging to be in the nowness, take care of our health, and be resilient. How do you do so?

ave Opportunities for Co-creation, Cooperation

Why & What

My interest in the intersection of learning and health has followed me over the years as a networked learner and perhaps an explorer of holistic health. In the context of my engagement in the 21st Century Explorers …