“I am glad to recommend Mr Rotana TY as a workshop host for business model innovation and creativity management.

Workshops in which we learn to challenge ourselves, to experience team cohesion through enriching projects and to go beyond the limits of our creativity and imagination in developing innovative projects.

The sessions are hosted in a spirit of goodwill, solidarity and sharing between the different teams and Mr TY, who is a great listener and knows how to adapt to the needs of each of his students. With his dynamism, clarity and confidence, our projects were bound to go well with Rotana’s support.

I definitely recommend working with Mr Rotana TY as he will be able to invest his time and energy in your projects!

Meline, Community Manager, Merge Family


“Having Rotana Ty as the business model innovation’s workshop host during semesters 5 and 6 of CFA Descartes was a transformative experience. His method, combining seriousness with an engaging approach, made learning both rewarding and enjoyable. Rotana stands out for his attentiveness and pedagogy, creating an environment where curiosity is stimulated, and every question is answered.

He has a gift for simplifying complex concepts and making the world of business model innovation accessible to everyone. His commitment to our success was palpable, making him a pillar of our educational journey.

In short, Rotana is an excellent trainer whose business model innovation’s workshops will have a positive impact on my professional development.”

Loïc, Sales Assistant, Akin Studio

“Mr. Rotana TY is a dedicated and proactive person.

He is always willing to help his students/clients progress and give them as much advice and support as possible.

Mr. TY enables us to go further and further through the CFA Descartes courses. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills in digital marketing, e-business, and entrepreneurship.

As you can see, Mr. TY is a hyperactive person who will help you achieve all your goals by giving you all the keys to success!”

Célia, Communication Officer, Chez Simone

“I am delighted to recommend Mr. Rotana as a teacher of Creativity and Business Model Innovation. I have had the privilege of attending his classes and have been deeply impressed by his expertise, passion, and commitment to teaching.

Mr. Rotana has a deep knowledge of innovation and business model concepts which he communicates to his students with clarity and enthusiasm. His ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to all levels of learners is remarkable.

In addition to his academic excellence, Mr. Rotana is a caring mentor who values the personal development of his students. He encourages creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

His interactive and participatory teaching method promotes student engagement and collaboration. Thanks to his sound advice and constant support, I was able to develop a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of innovation and the business model.

In conclusion, his expertise, passion, and commitment make him an exceptional teacher who inspires and motivates his students to reach their full potential.”

Selyan, Web and Digital Officer, La Brosse & Dupont

“I have had the pleasure of having Rotana TY as a trainer for his specialist courses in Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship for the past two years.

Mr TY is a dedicated teacher with clear lessons and guides to facilitate understanding. He is caring, thorough and always willing to listen.

I’m grateful to have had Mr TY and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their skills in these areas”.

Loélia, Community Manager, Waou Factory

“I highly recommend Mr. Ty, who was my host in the Digital Project Management workshop during my third year of BUT TC, specialising in Digital Marketing.

During this project, I had the opportunity to work on the development of an e-commerce website, a crucial project for my career. Mr. Ty played a key role in supporting us throughout the process.

His presence, sharing of relevant guides and resources, and his constant commitment contributed greatly to the success of the project. Mr. Ty created a fostering environment for learning, guiding us with expertise and sharing his knowledge in a clear and accessible way.

I would particularly like to highlight his responsiveness to our questions and requests, which demonstrated his passion for the subject and his commitment to the success of his students!

Sibel, Account Manager, AeGEFIM Promotion

“For the past two years, Mr Rotana Ty has been supporting me in my studies, particularly in my specialisation in Digital Marketing.

Mr Rotana Ty stands out for his remarkable dedication to his work and especially to the students of the CFA Descartes.

Smiling, caring, proactive and particularly attentive to detail, these are the qualities that have enabled me to progress in my professional development and I’m very grateful to him for this.

I highly recommend his profile and encourage you to take advantage of his expertise.

Léa, External Communications Manager, Bouygues Construction

“For 2 years I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from Mr Rotana Ty’s professional teaching in the field of Digital Marketing and Innovation.

He has a strong energy that is reflected in his dynamic teaching style, which makes students want to learn more about digital marketing and innovation.

He adopts an interactive and fun approach, making the class enjoyable and sharing his passion and knowledge in these areas.

Mr Ty is an empathetic person who listens to the needs of his students”.

Ombeline, Customer Relations Manager, Bureau Veritas

“Mr Rotana TY was my teacher in the Digital Marketing, e-business and entrepreneurship specialisation for 2 years at CFA Descartes.

He is a high quality professional. He is a person who is committed to his work and has such a taste for tasks well done. His ability to listen and pass on his knowledge make him a very good teacher you can rely on.

I highly recommend Rotana TY as a teacher, his combination of technical, communication and learning skills make him ideal for the role.”

Théo, Sales Assistant, Espace PC International

“I am happy to recommend Mr Ty for his passionate commitment to teaching and sharing knowledge.

I had the pleasure of having Mr Ty as a trainer during my higher education years, in BUT TC at CFA Descartes. His innovative and creative teaching methods, delivered with passion, as well as his attentive listening and support, played a crucial role in the academic success of many students. His clear explanations and patience were particularly helpful in understanding digital concepts.

He provided exceptional support and guidance and demonstrated a genuine concern for the wellness of his students by taking the time to listen to their concerns and answer their questions. His availability outside of class is an invaluable asset.

What’s more, Mr Ty doesn’t just teach, he also supports his students’ personal projects, guiding them through the process and encouraging them to explore entrepreneurship.

I’m grateful for the positive impact he’s had on my academic and professional life, and I hope all my students have him as their teacher!

Jade, Sales Advisor, SFR

“I’m delighted to recommend Mr Rotana Ty, who I had the pleasure of having as a trainer in my Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Entrepreneurship specialty at CFA Descartes.

Mr Ty has a completely different approach to teaching than other trainers. He takes the time to create a creative and interactive environment while adapting to the needs of his students.

Mr Ty enabled me to acquire important skills in digital marketing thanks to his mastery of digital tools and trends in the sector.

I’ll always remember him as a trainer who listened, who was kind and passionate, but who was also ready to offer personalised advice to help us achieve greater professional success.

Andy, E-Commerce Manager, Gentlemen Riders GTPC

“I am extremely honoured to recommend Mr Ty as an exceptional teacher, whose teaching quality has had a profound effect on my experience during my higher education studies at CFA Descartes, where he was my teacher in the Digital Marketing speciality during my second and third years.

Mr Ty’s approach to teaching is truly impressive. His lessons are not only informative, but also extremely engaging. Right from the start of each session, he uses stimulating activities that caught our attention and immediately immerse us in the topic. His energy and passion for his field are infectious, creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

What particularly sets Mr Ty apart is his commitment to his students. He is always available to answer our questions, discuss our concerns and provide additional resources to deepen our knowledge. His availability and dedication to our success are truly inspiring.

I have been deeply touched by the kindness Mr Ty shows towards his students. He creates a climate of trust and respect where everyone feels encouraged to express themselves and participate actively. His empathetic and encouraging approach has greatly contributed to my academic and personal development.

In short, Mr. Ty embodies the qualities of an exceptional teacher. His dedication to his students, his dynamic approach to teaching and his caring nature makes him a remarkable teacher. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to study under him, and I am confident that his positive influence will continue to inspire many students to come. “

Sophie, Communications Officer, Studio Boucle Paris

“It’s with great pleasure that I warmly recommend Mr Ty, an exceptional trainer in the field of innovation and digital.

I had the privilege of being her student for several years. His in-depth knowledge of the latest trends, combined with his ability to explain them in a clear and accessible way, sparked a genuine interest in these constantly evolving fields.

As a teacher, Mr Ty has demonstrated a commitment to student success and continuous improvement. His innovative teaching methods, based on collaboration, experimentation and problem-solving, have sharpened my creativity and strengthened my skills in carrying out innovative projects.

His availability and constant support created a dynamic learning environment where everyone felt supported and valued. Thanks to his attentive mentoring, I acquired a solid knowledge base and developed confidence in my abilities in the field of innovation and digital.

Rotana Ty embodies the qualities of an exemplary trainer: passionate, competent and dedicated. I’m convinced that his positive contributions will continue in whatever educational or professional environment he chooses to work in.”

Charline, Merchant Support Assistant, Conforama

“Mr Ty is a teacher I was lucky enough to have during my second and third years in the Digital Marketing, E-commerce & Entrepreneurship specialties at CFA Descartes.

Mr Ty’s teaching method was a real revelation for me. His approach, which focuses on practice while maintaining a solid theoretical content, greatly enriched my learning experience. This unique combination made the concepts more concrete.

What particularly sets Mr Ty apart is his drive and commitment to his students. He doesn’t just pay attention to individual needs; he goes beyond his duties as a teacher by providing extra support outside the context of his lessons. His availability and willingness to help demonstrate an exceptional dedication to the success of his students.

Having already spoken to my classmates, I’m sure they also share a positive opinion of Mr Ty. His innovative methodology, exceptional commitment and passion for teaching make him a valuable asset.

I would also like to highlight Mr Ty’s remarkable mastery of digital strategies and tools. His expertise in this area brings a modern and relevant dimension to his teaching, preparing us adequately for the challenges of the professional world.”

Louna, E-commerce Consultant, Computacenter


“I was delighted to have Mr Ty as a trainer. He has a remarkable mastery of digital strategies and tools, and knows how to adapt them to the specific needs of his learners. Mr Ty was able to captivate learners by designing interactive and dynamic learning environments.

His availability, attentiveness, commitment, and kindness make Mr Ty an enthusiastic trainer.

Jordy, Sales Assistant, Wellness Training

“I am pleased to recommend Mr. Ty for his expertise as a Digital Marketing teacher and host of the ‘Digital Project Management’ workshop.

During my studies of Marketing Techniques, I was mentored by Mr. Ty, whose passion for teaching is evident from the outset. His dedication to his apprentices’ success is commendable.

Mr. Ty is a digital marketing specialist with extensive knowledge of the latest trends and technologies. His workshops strike a perfect balance between theory and practice, and his innovative teaching methods helped me acquire valuable skills and develop a strategic vision of digital marketing.

His lively and interactive workshops fostered a sense of community among apprentices, all working towards a common goal. He fosters an inclusive learning environment where every voice is heard and valued. His encouraging and caring approach has helped create an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie among the apprentices. He is readily available to offer advice, guidance, and personalised support, demonstrating his commitment to our success.”

Julie, Direct Marketing Officer, BUT

“I highly recommend Mr. Ty as the host for the Digital Project Management Workshop. His methodical approach and neat organisation scaffold an optimal learning environment. Thanks to his structured workshop, I have gained valuable skills and feel better prepared for my career in digital. Mr. Ty is a dedicated professional who inspires his students to level up.”

Marius, founder, BloomOn

“I had the privilege of having Mr Ty as a teacher during my academic career in the following disciplines: Digital Marketing, E-commerce & Entrepreneurship (during my 3rd year of BUT Commercial Techniques). I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact he has had on my training and my future perspectives. His availability, active listening and exceptional commitment are qualities that fully define him.

Mr Ty doesn’t just teach, he truly inspires and guides. He took the time to understand my career goals, offering insightful advice and valuable resources to help me achieve my ambitions. 

He is a teacher who genuinely cares about the development and success of his students. I wish all students who come through CFA Descartes the very best of luck in having him as their teacher!” 

Tiffany Taleb, Customer Experience Officer, Enedis

“I am delighted to recommend Rotana TY for all professional opportunities. Rotana has been my trainer for the last two years of BUT TC and has demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication.

During his time as a trainer, Rotana was able to captivate learners by creating interactive and stimulating learning environments. He also demonstrated excellent adaptability, adjusting easily to the changing needs of our class.

Rotana’s passion for professional development is evident, and his commitment to excellence has a positive impact on all those who have had the privilege of attending its training sessions. In summary, I highly recommend Rotana TY, his combination of technical skills, effective communication and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any team or business.”




“Rotana, a quality person, I particularly appreciate his calmness and, at the same time, his liveliness of mind. We built modules for apprentices BUT TC in the second year of their specialisation.

The exchanges were fluid and fruitful, and we were able to build on each other’s skills.

He brings a lot of advice and tools that he proposes to his clients, and that favours the methodology.

A rich and relevant relationship: we were meant to work together.” 

Christine, Digital Learning Manager/Learning Designer, LearnMedia

“Thanks to you for this collaboration indeed, by far the most rigorous and efficient in the design of the 2nd year specialisation modules.”

I am delighted to work with you!”

Raphaël, Pedagogical coordinator & chief learning officer BUT TC, CFA Descartes



“Working with Rotana is always a pleasure. We got to know each other much better when connecting to develop his personal online presence. Together with the Supro team, we worked to transform Rotana’s online identity to what it represents today.

If I had only one word to describe Rotana, it would be ‘curious’. If I had two, it would ‘curious and kind’ and if I had three, it would be ‘curious, kind, smart.. (and four, passionate!)’.

If you are considering engaging Rotana on a project or for a full-time role, get to know him better first by reading his blog at: https://rotanaty.com/blog/. After that, just do it! Alles bestens, Rotana.”

Paul Simbeck-Hampson, supro.co



“Rotana, the breadth and depth of what you’re doing….. I don’t meet many like you! In the best possible way! Gold!”
Trish Wilson, Global Network Catalyst – Founder/Director/Creator, Global Improvement Network 

“Your unique magic is a combination of your strategic thinking and relationship building skills. You have a great way with people and with doing your part to bring people together. You are very strong on strategic thinking, but I also think that you socialize your ideas and reflections very powerfully.”
Jillian Reilly, Author/Founder, Ten Permissions

“A big thank you for this intense contribution to the launch of the programme and the soft skills community, Rotana. We will try to continue to value this creative work in our various communications: What a learning hacker who cares about our learners!”

— Isabelle, Founder, iWe 



“Rotana has been very dedicated in its mission and has contributed significantly to support our community of facilitators and the promotion of WAP on social media. Thank you Rotana for this impactful collaboration!”

— Diane, CEO & co-founder, WAP


“Thank you very much for everything, for your patience and above all, thank you for sharing your knowledge and all your experiences with us over the soft skills workshop.”

Camélia, Channel Manager, I-TRACING

“Thank you for your kindness and advice, Rotana.”

Yasmine, Project Lead, CACEIS Consulting


“Rotana keeps learning, giving and receiving! He makes his curiosity his best friend to catalyze each detail and put himself into perspective. I was lucky to experiment with him more than 500H of projects’ management, in collective intelligence, through Digital Arts. I encourage all his future collaborators, partners and learners to be inspired by Rotana insights!

He likes experimenting to perform agilely and enduring! Hands in the soil and head turned to the sky, Rotana is an entrepreneur who does not leave the flow, whose energy moves along as generously as virtuously! Like an explorer (tech), he selects, synthesizes and shares the best to share with you insatiably.”

Anne Kazuro, Co-director & Interior Design, by PAKA

I highly recommend Rotana for his capacity to analyze complex situations, his expertise and insights about the importance of soft skills and for his ability to set actionable plans. It was a great pleasure to work with him!
Julien Keita, Product Manager & Builder, Paattern.tech



“Many thanks to Rotana for creating this Life Skills Program and Community to deal with uncertainty and bring up this rarely discussed topic. You really care about youth development and help people to build muscles to cope with challenges and enjoy life.”

Mai-Han Nguyen, Manager – Payment & Distribution (Digital Financial Services), MicroSave Consulting (MSC)