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On Leadership

“Too often it sounds like positional leaders are talking about a world that no longer exists. Amazon may be a networked company but it is structured as a hierarchical institution in a traditional market. Jeff Bezos makes $52,000,000 a day while workers in his warehouses earn less than $52 per day. This is not a networked model. It is extreme market capitalism.

In a network society, leadership is helping make the whole network stronger, not accruing all the resources to a few nodes.” — Harold Jarche, actionable insights on learning and work

On Wiring Together

Source: ‘Camaraderie Rules’ by Gapinvoid

I am paying much more attention to what it is written below these days when I consider to engage with ecosystems to do projects. How about yourself?

“We’ve been quoting our buddy, Seth Godin a lot lately. One of our favorite insights of his is the idea that “People like us do things like this“.

If you can’t articulate your culture, if you can’t describe what it is really like, what work means and why the heck you show up every day, then you might want to rethink what you are doing.

The idea of “People like us do things like this”, is that you can call your group a team, family, colleagues, or coworkers, but if there aren’t a clear set of beliefs that define how and why you do what you do, then you’re probably not as effective as you could be.

“Shared beliefs and mindset are the glue.” — Gapinvoid, Culture Design Group

On Embracing Chaos & Order

“We are finite beings in an infinite universe of chaos, and this, surfing the wave between order and chaos, for better or worse, is our human condition.” — GapinvoidCulture Design Group

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