• Rotana Ty

    “I believe that by working cooperatively and synchronising with technology
    we will enhance our ability to coordinate resources and better learn in-the-moment.”


About Rotana Ty

Rotana creates positive impact by enhancing learning performance.

Evidence of this can be seen through his:

– Entrepreneurial spirit: empathy and authenticity

– Curious sense making and trend spotting skills

– Knowledge and project manager engagements

– Corporate training officer and learning catalyst appointments

Ahead of the curve

Learning-concierge, content excellence and future skills workshops.

Rotana enhances learning potential through:

– Enabling and supporting continuous self-development and self-improvement

– Transforming the “learn-work” space

– Improving learning and working experience

– Developing organisations for better professional performance

Passionate, Curious, Creative

Helping others succeed in the learn-work sector enhances performance.

Rotana builds trust and meaningful relationships through:

A distinctive empathic approach of openly cooperating enables effective engagement with others that builds trust and drives solution-first transformations.

Rotana uses his sense-making and multidisciplinary capabilities to demonstrate value by his ability to frame complexity into highly pertinent questions.

Why Rotana Ty

Positive feedback from clients, peers and eminent authors.

Rotana has 2 Master degrees: Science of Management, Marseille, Kedge Business School, & Digital Learning Project Management, Chamber of Commerce & University of Paris. In addition he has gained a certification from Google Digital Active & IAB Europe on Digital Marketing Basics, and recently he completed a four month Agile Project Management program with the Grande École du Numérique at the Cube School in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Paris.

Rotana has 7 years professional experience in local and international L&D roles that demonstrate skills in training, project management & workshop facilitation. His Entrepreneurial spirit has been demonstrated within a digital learning / EdTech startup which specialized in soft skills development for individuals and B2B. Transforming the “learn-work” space

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