• Rotana Ty

    “I believe that by working cooperatively and synchronising with technology
    we will enhance our ability to coordinate resources and better learn in-the-moment.”


About Rotana Ty

Rotana creates a positive impact by enhancing learning performance and community engagement.

Evidence of this can be seen in his:

– Entrepreneurial spirit: empathy and authenticity

– Curious sense-making and futures thinking skills

– Knowledge and project manager engagements

– Corporate training officer and learning catalyst appointments

– Learner program manager and internal community specialist

– Internal communication consultant

– Learner experience designer, workshop host and teacher

Why Rotana 01

“I highly recommend Rotana for his capacity to analyze complex situations, his expertise and insights about the importance of soft skills and for his ability to set actionable plans. It was a great pleasure to work with him!”

— Julien Keita, Product Manager & Builder, Paattern.tech

“Rotana, a quality person, I particularly appreciate his calmness and, at the same time, his liveliness of mind. We built modules for apprentices BUT TC  in the second year of their specialization at the CFA Descartes.

The exchanges were fluid and fruitful, and we were able to build on each other’s skills.

He brings a lot of advice and tools that he proposes to his clients, and that favours the methodology.

A rich and relevant relationship: we were meant to work together.”
— Christine, Digital Learning Manager / Learning Designer, LearnMedia

Why Rotana 02

Ahead of the curve

Future skills workshops and community building

Rotana enhances learning and community potential through:

– Enabling and supporting continuous self-development and self-improvement

– Transforming the “learn-work” space

– Improving learner and working experience

– Developing organisations for better professional performance and community engagement

“Rotana, the breadth and depth of what you’re doing….. I don’t meet many like you! In the best possible way! Gold!”

— Trish Wilson, Global Network Catalyst – Founder/Director/Creator, Global Improvement Network

Passionate, Curious, Creative

Helping others succeed in the learn-work sector enhances performance.

Rotana builds trust and meaningful relationships through:

A distinctive empathic approach of openly cooperating enables effective engagement with others that builds trust and drives solution-first transformations.

Rotana uses his sense-making and multidisciplinary capabilities to demonstrate value by his ability to frame complexity into highly pertinent questions.

Why Rotana 03

“Thank you Rotana for the work done, it was a pleasure working with you!”
— Antoine, L’Oréal

“Rotana keeps learning, giving and receiving! He makes his curiosity his best friend to catalyze each detail and put himself into perspective. I was lucky to experiment with him with more than 500H of project management, in collective intelligence, through Digital Arts.

I encourage all his future collaborators, partners, and learners to be inspired by Rotana’s insights! He likes experimenting with performing agilely and enduring! Hands in the soil and head turned to the sky, Rotana is an entrepreneur who does not leave the flow, whose energy moves along as generously as virtuously!

Like an explorer (tech), he selects, synthesizes and shares the best to share with you insatiably.”

— Anne Kazuro, Co-director & Interior Design, by PAKA

Why Rotana 04

Why Rotana Ty

In a nutshell

Rotana has ten-plus years of professional experience in local and international L&D roles, demonstrating workplace learning, project management & workshop hosting skills. His entrepreneurial spirit has been shown within a European EdTech startup specialising in soft skills development for individuals and B2B. In addition, he has deployed blended learning programs for clients of French startups and helped scale engagement within internal communities.

Author of the book ‘Tapestry‘. Rotana focuses on enhancing the learning and community potential of individuals and organizations.

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