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Rotana believes that by working cooperatively and synchronising with technology we will enhance our ability to coordinate resources and better learn in-the-moment. This in turn, will reset our expectations for understanding the work-life-balance and will require existing structures to adapt to the expanding capabilities of an enhanced serendipitous world.

Learning Concierge

Accelerate your professional development through the power of right-learning coaching

Together we’ll focus on:

Diagnosing your learning performance needs, setting achievable goals and defining & implementing action plans.

Assessing your learning preferences in terms of resources, people, experiences and tools aligning them to best suit the way you work.

‘Now-proof’ in the form of a digital portfolio the results and progression from deliberate and personal learning activities.

Individuals need smart learning strategies and modern tools that enable them to take control of their own professional development.

By providing personal and responsive advice, mapped to best-in-class practices, individuals can find new ways to overcome workplace performance issues. Discover smarter ways of learning, get ahead, win the race.

Typical engagement

3 days spaced over 3 months, in person or remote.

The first contact can be face-to-face or virtual. We’ll explore the problems to be addressed, the habits needed for success and gather all the data needed.

At the next contact we’ll review the analysis, curate the resources and discuss the choice of tools to document ongoing progress.

In person or remote support spans 3 working days spaced over 3 months.

Content Excellence

Content curation and creation that improves individual and business performance

Together we’ll focus on:

How to uncover resources for on demand support focused on problem solving and knowledge acquisition.

How a series of simple tricks will help you improve your learning and working performance, and those who you work with.

Ways to make conversations more engaging, using synthesised content that helps position you at the forefront of your topic.

Discover ways to make conversations more engaging, using synthesised content that helps position you at the forefront of your topic.

Systematically learn how to apply best practices in the fields of content curation and analysis to build a personal knowledge repository that can be used to develop confidence and skills opening new pathways for performance success.

Typical engagement:
3 days per month

First we’ll identify the goal of the content, whether that be for instruction or performance support.

Next we’ll review flexible output options: podcast, visual synthesis, blog post, presentation format, post on aa social network, newsletters that work ATAWAD.

Finally we’ll complete a deep dive into where and how to share content with a focus on the performance results achieved.

Take a look at the startups Rotana Ty has promoted:

1/ We Are Peers, the startup offering the first peer learning management system. Brand Content Creation and Management via Linkedin page, Medium, and engagement with the startup’s ecosystem through Twitter, Slack, business events and press.

2/ TheNewABC, the EdTech / digital learning specialized in soft skills development for B2B and individuals. Brand Content Programming, Creation and Management via Crunchbase, Medium, Mailchimp, Instagram, Facebook. Co-hosting webinars, podcasts, sprints, and community building via live Google Hangouts, Youtube, Soundcloud, Slack, Meetup. Engagement with the startup’s ecosystem through Twitter, Slack, and the business press.

Future Skills Workshop

Master the important skills needed to be effective in an ever-changing working landscape

Together we’ll focus on:

Skills and trends needed to better perform in the context of learning, work, technology, society, science and art.

Through a series of learning and reflective exercises the workshop guides attendees through tiny experimentations with great impact.

Strategies with actionable tactics that will help embed future skills into everyday practice for a more enjoyable working experience.

Future Skills Workshop is facilitated in person or remotely usually over half a day, and includes five working days to scope, design, review and promote the workshop.

Experiential learning is a big part of how individuals inside organizations develop future work skills. They learn by doing and reflecting within the context of their work. Supporting learning in this way is how to impact positive change.

Giving individuals a unique and personalised experience is at the heart of the Future Skills workshop approach. This is not simply another course or lecture, but more a way to help people learn how to develop themselves in effective ways within the context of their own experience enabling them to make changes instantly.

Typical engagement
Workshop Facilitation: half-day, in person or remote. Scoping, Designing, Reviewing & Promoting the Workshop: five working days.

First we’ll identify each of the key skills documented by the leading research establishments, considering how they resonate within your own daily context.

The half-day workshop is split into distinct sections which include three exercises with time in between for reflections.

At the end of the workshop the insights are extracted and then visualised before any personal action items are recorded.

Discover how Rotana Ty has designed and animated 2 workshops on soft skills development with 40 students in work-study and Master in HR: 1. Half-day workshop on ‘Collaborating in our modern world’. 2. Three hours workshop on ‘Networking within your organization’