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“My belief is that no matter how good an idea or project is, you need a strong team and culture for it to succeed. To often companies don’t give time to build skills, protocols, rituals for culture. Good article and excellent questions.“— @fer_ananda


“PSA about communities. They are not: – hashtags – places/platforms/tools – random groups of people – Free-for-alls

They require: – Shared purpose (can be implicit) – Shared value (can be unarticulated) – Leaders – Relationships – More than one topic of conversation” — @rhappe


“The need for organizations to function as communities of passionate and purpose-driven individuals is becoming even more critical in the face of unprecedented upheaval being faced at local, global and planetary levels.” — @sahana2802 in Organizations as Communities

‘Shared Interest Networks Help Us Work on the Web’ by @gideonro

“People like me took that work very seriously, functioning as a kind of “information networker,” focused on weaving together the interest graph and the social graph as a way to help structure information in this vast virtual world of objects and others.”

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