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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 4-10th March 2019.

Via my network

“The robots are coming for our jobs and we should all be very afraid. Or should we? Join , , and special guest on this week’s to discuss how technology is changing the way we work. Listen online now


“Leverage the power of human ecosystems! Is there any better way? > “Using a community strategy to transition to the future of work” by via cc @kkruse

“How to Start

The first step to implementing this approach is to develop an ecosystem strategy – understanding the participants, their motivations, and imaging what each type of community will look like in terms of resources required and outputs expected.

The second step is to build a community team prepared to both manage some communities and support many more as a center of excellence – developing a services model that differentiates between each type of community and defining what resources and requirements are available to each.

The third step is to resource this team appropriately. Currently, the majority of community teams are acting like centers of excellence but only 8% are officially tasked and resourced to perform this role.”


“What it’s all about: ‘If you are interested in ‘the future of work’ or ‘the future of education’, start with these: – Diversity – Learning – Trust – Autonomy – Competence – Relatedness’ ⁦⁩ happy 15th anniversary of great thinking and sharing!” — @ancani

From Rotana Ty’s Blog

On Being Present

“A beautiful post reminding us to just be here…in the now, in this moment so that we connect more honestly and respectfully with that what’s around us but also what’s inside of us.” — @write2tg

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