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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 22th-28th April 2019.

Via My Network & Conversations

“Through learning we reperceive the world & our relationship to it. Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life” – Peter Senge via @brigidrussell51


“What if by checking in with yourself a few times a day, and tracking your mental and emotional state as well as your physical surroundings, you were better able to remember what you experienced? https://antacarafrontiers.com/2019/04/08/tracking-your-life” — @changingview


“In a networked world, the surest path to success is not acquiring and controlling assets, but widening and deepening connections. http://qaspire.com/2017/10/23/the-9-rules-of-innovation-by-greg-satell” —  HT


“I don’t need a title to show up as a leader” Watch the latest #ConnectleCon on #ConsciousLeadership https://www.connectle.com/connectle-series/2019/consciousleadership What does #conscious #leadership mean to you?” — @Connectle_

Via Rotana Ty & his Ecosystem

Co-facilitating a peer learning workshop w/ & 15 HR Master students from ESM-A, apprenticeship & management school near Paris, to co-produce & use resources on the future of manager https://medium.com/@iwe/devenez-le-manager-de-demain-aujourdhui-fecc12b384cd@rotanarotana


“Ravie de ce retour d’expérience sur le déploiement de au sein du département formation avec Total à la première rencontre de mutualisation des universités de grandes entreprises à avec mon équipe et et nos pairs de et @DianeLenne


“Delighted by this feedback on the deployment of @wapcommunity within the L&D department of Total at the 1st meeting of the mutualization of the corporate universities of large companies at @IFCAM with my team @rotanarotana and @ApollineRg and our peers @Didask and @Speachme ” — @DianeLenne


Découvrez et utilisez les 7 paramètres pour mettre en oeuvre l’apprentissage entre pairs. https://medium.com/@DianeLenne/7-param%C3%A8tres-pour-mettre-en-oeuvre-lapprentissage-entre-pairs-87103380e4d8 Une ressource co-crée par @rotanarotana


Discover and use the 7 paramters to deploy peer learning https://medium.com/@DianeLenne/7-param%C3%A8tres-pour-mettre-en-oeuvre-lapprentissage-entre-pairs-87103380e4d8 A co-created resource brought by @rotanarotana

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