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Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 19th to 25th August 2019.

On Roles to Play

“Thus, there is a clear role here for learning & development. The shift is from dispersing information to facilitating the processes where learning happens. Ensuring that the social infrastructure is developed to be constructive is one of the most important contributions to organizational success. It’s time to step up to the plate and ensure that social is considered, and when relevant, done right.” — Clark Quinn


The future is not yet created, it’s not a set point; it’s a range of possible outcomes. Both specialists and generalists have a role to play in creating it; but it is generalists who are the most capable to adapt and endure the roller-coaster of life.” — Jorge Barba

You may be interested in my oldie on ’embracing creativity and multidisciplinarity’.

Hybrid teams which 1) meet face to face periodically, 2) meet in dyads when appropriate, and 3) are intentional about engaging in interpersonal as well as transactional interactions during online meetings, eliminate many of the deficits of virtual teams. They build the relationships and trust necessary to increase collaboration, engagement and knowledge sharing.” — Nancy Dixon

As tweeted, I am experimenting this way of doing:

“It is also possible, and less costly, for pairs or trios of team members to meet for a few days to work on joint projects or to problem solve.” HT @kwooleyy < What we do @wapcommunity remotely & @leCargoParis one week at a time 🙂 

As Harold Jarche underlines:

“Our best hope is to keep experimenting. We cannot give up hope and revert to our tribal roots. In this case, learning really is the work today. We have to learn how to organize our world better. This is the challenge for everyone, in any organization. Try new ways of organizing, learn from your mistakes, and share what you have learned.

On Communities

“Communities are complex and ever- changing. In the real world, they are challenging to see in aggregate and, therefore, almost impossible to measure. Online, however, we can see how communities form, change, fragment, divide, and dissipate. That allows us to communicate community dynamics, value, and impact.” — The Community Roundtable


“As they were sharing openly what they do at work, their experience and expertise I asked if they had any social tech at their company. You see, they were forming quite a powerful Community of Practice right there in that coffee shop, a great thing to keep going both synchronously and asynchronously! Start their networking practices with people they already know and trust and then grow out from there.” — Mark Britz

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