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“Effective facilitation enables individuals and groups to go deeper into the zone of discomfort, probe and sense, let go of old patterns, and co-create from the emerging future.” — @sahana2802

On Work Cultures

Collaboration and cooperation are foundational elements of a successful and thriving self-managed organization. Since decisions are no longer driven from the top, it becomes imperative to have processes that are inclusive.” — @sahana2802


“Content and communities are shaping how people find and connect with each other.”

Actionable insights and engagement within communities are how people co-create added value and learn better in-the-moment.

On the same wavelength, here is an insight from Kare Anderson. She is one of the subscribers and readers of this weekly learning digest.

“Cultivate collaboration, camaraderie, capacity to work through stress and friction, and opportunities for more ideas to bubble up as individuals mix it up more often via pairing. Hint: Be the “glue” that holds diverse folks together

(…) “As Clay Shirky says, “We are moving from sharing to cooperation to collective action.”

I also heard insights from her talk:

“Keep honing your own strengths, being patterns seekers, getting involved in different worlds than your world, communicate to connect around sweet spots of shared interest.”

This is the new work of ‘L&D’ as @PaulJocelyn says in this thread. And as I share, it is all about:

Facilitating, weaving, harmonizing and customizing.

Harold Jarche says more about that in this post:

“Learning in communities of trusted human relationships will be the main way professionals will keep up. If I were a young instructional designer today, I would start developing community management and support skills.” 

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