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Seek: “You don’t know where the inspiration will come from & better to have a vague memory of something than being in ignorance.”

Sense: “Your notebooks will form the edge pieces. One day, it might matter.”

Share: “Use the good stuff – try things and see what works.#PKMastery




Get Moving

Watch this video: Keep Sane While Working From Home by David Amerland.

“New Program Alert! “


– free (always)

– no-equipment

– small space friendly

– zero-fitness level (seniors in mind) PDF download & online version

Pass it on to those who need it!” — @darebees

Do you use a standing desk while typing, having calls, or reading/viewing anything on your laptop/tablet?


“Looking at the current situation of 850 million students not going to school, from the perspective of Marshall McLuhan. Beware of a move toward orthodoxy. Keep it DIY & networked” @hjarche


Networked? How to foster conversation with remote learning and distributed work?

If there are 120 people in the room and you set the breakout number to be 40, the group will instantly be distributed into 40 groups of 3.

They can have a conversation with one another about the topic at hand. Not wasted small talk, but detailed, guided, focused interaction based on the prompt you just gave them.

8 minutes later, the organizer can press a button and summon everyone back together.

Get feedback via chat (again, something that’s impossible in a real-life meeting). Talk for six more minutes. Press another button and send them out for another conversation.

This is thrilling. It puts people on the spot, but in a way that they’re comfortable with.

If you’re a teacher and you want to actually have conversations in sync, then this is the most effective way to do that. Teach a concept. Have a breakout conversation. Have the breakouts bring back insights or thoughtful questions. Repeat.

A colleague tried this technique at his community center meeting on Sunday and it was a transformative moment for the 40 people who participated.” Seth Godin

I have experienced this while having remote meetup #5 with the alumni from the @IFTF Futures Thinking Specialization on Courser and using other ways for foresight essentials.


“With rapidly growing interest in & deployment of remote working practices combined with increased need everywhere for collab’n & coordination, a grand experiment in #wirearchy is underway” @jonhusband


“As ⁦@ValdisKrebs states – it’s not SOCIAL distancing, it’s PHYSICAL distancing that’s required. Communication & connection are more important than ever, just not face-to-face. Keep the channels open.

Dive into my blog post if you need practical tips and actionable insights on making online meetings engaging and productive with your teams, networks and online communities.

Going Slow

“We need to sit more with our own thoughts and slow them.” @simongterry

Yep. Going slow to go deep and with the flow as I wrote.

“Keep Planting Cherry Trees

“What are you optimistic about?

Grateful for?

What investments in people and processes can you make, even if uncertain?” @johnsonwhitney


“If a practitioner choses to endure an engagement where they are not recognised for the work they do, it is akin to going to sleep (as a way to get through the pain).” — @jenfrahm

Are you mulling it over?

“Deliberately making choices that drive us further, professionally, personally, mentally, & emotionally. This is an opportunity to be more conscious about what we do, how we do it, & who we do it with.” @changingview

What matters?

“The tricky part in cultivating a deep life is figuring out what things matter. This will differ between different people. I strive to divide my focused attention among four categories:

. community,

. craft (work & quality leisure),

. constitution (health),

. contemplation (matters of the soul).” Cal Newport

Take care.

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