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What caught my attention on week 27 of 2020.

Work Challenges

Connect people with people, experiences and resources

Facilitate discovery

Energise people, focus them and enable them to succeed” — @PaulJocelyn

Music to my ears. Disconnect to connect. Connect with people, experiences, resources, communities.

“(…) What different types of work in the organisation create the most value now – and how might this change looking forward? – ‘Routine’ work, ‘Complex’ work, ‘Discovery’ work – or a combination of these across the organisation? How do we balance appropriate support across these different types of work?” — @PaulJocelyn

Insights from @jonhusband in reply to this quote I tweeted:

Maybe map your questions across the Cynefin framework, with possible actions and outcomes centered on generating value (I presume value = tbd ?) ?”

Great suggestion from Jon. One type of practice may emerge while doing that work as well as the clarity on the value generated. Focusing on Emergent Practice takes time, efforts and guts?

Wait!  What the heck is the Cynefin framework?

“The Cynefin® framework is central to Cognitive Edge methods and tools. It allows executives to see things from new viewpoints, assimilate complex concepts, and address real-world problems and opportunities. Using the Cynefin framework can help executives sense which context they are in so that they can not only make better decisions but also avoid the problems that arise when their preferred management style causes them to make mistakes.” — Dave Snowden

Great suggestion from Jon over his tweet. One type of practice may emerge while doing that work as well as the clarity on the value generated. Focusing on Emergent Practice takes time, efforts and guts?

Sports Challenges

“Ironman, which includes cycling, running, and swimming components, has also partnered with a Zwift competitor, Rouvy, on virtual races for its triathletes. In-real-life sports are making the jump to the digital world.” — Mark Wilson on Fast Company

The official Tour de France for 2020 is going digital on July before the kick-off on the ground in August. Should be interesting and fun to watch as professionals and amateurs can ride together within the digital platform.

Creativity Challenges

“I think that the most creative ideas come from a space of stillness. A little bit of time away from the businesses of life lets us facilitate connections and new combinations. I think that’s really that creativity that I would like to explore more.”

(…) “It’s like art because you must imagine a place that doesn’t exist, discovering new & unseen worlds. I would tell myself to make it a daily habit to flex the imagination muscle and to make space and time for creativity, & I need to take time away from devices.”

(…) “after all, stories and experiences are how we make sense of the world. The fundamental concept at the heart of what we do is that tomorrow is not a destination we arrive at — it’s a place that we continuously construct in the present.” — Nicklas Larsen

Happy July!

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