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Learning & DJing: what are the common practices?

“Online learning should be fast, fun, crazy, unplanned, and inspirational. It should be provided by people who are more like DJs than television producers. It should move and swim, be ad hoc and on the fly. I wish educators could get out of their classroom mindsets and actually go out and look at how the rest of the world is doing online learning.” — @oldaily

DJs are always doing so on their turntables and curating old and brand new gems from many genres and ambiences and mixing them to create new sets to energize people with scratches or not and making them fun to share what they love on platforms or live and direct. So check out this terrific ‘1978 challenge‘ with DJ Pone and other DJs.

How about doing so for workplace learning and in any field/profession? As sensemakers and insight patternists. Like DJs, are you playing, growing and learning with your learning crew in the modern world?

“What we often lack is not the resources to learn, but an intent to learn. The discipline to pursue learning in a structured way. The openness to look “beyond the syllabus” and identify topics that truly resonate with us. The courage to put ourselves out there to learn with others virtually. The motive force of execution in bringing our learning to the service of others.” — @tnvora

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