Triple Check

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Triple Check: Head Heart Gut.

Noticing ourselves helps us to wire ourselves on different levels.

Below is what I sketched while doing a guided self-awareness exercise: ‘Head Heart Gut’ hosted by Jillian Reilly via a live remote event within the 21st Century Community.

holistic health explorer sketch visual thinking rotana ty

Source: sketchnote produced by Rotana Ty

My energy, drive, creativity, self-efficacy and curiosity evolve as my cognitive, physical, emotional and social waves are formed. I use more and more visual thinking in various artefacts to notice and map myself over time.

I need to unplug at weekends and in the evenings after an intense working week or day, when I am getting things done and socialising with colleagues, clients, partners and apprentices. Being mindful of my time is also important.

“Time assets vs. Time debts.

Time assets are choices that save you time in the future. Think: saying no to a meeting, automating a task, working on something that persists and compounds.

Time debts are choices that must be repaid and cost you time in the future. Think: saying yes to a meeting, doing sloppy work that will need to be revised, etc.

Time assets are an investment. Time debts are an expense.” — James Clear

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