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Harvest – the fruit of curated insights of the week

I share what caught my attention while observing insights from my network and beyond. Adding my two cents as well.

“August closes. Summer gives way to Autumn. Abundance makes space for slow and steady closure. Preparation. To store the last flushes of growth energy. A final burst of wild fruits. Blackberries. We turn to processing what we have harvested. In work as in life.” — @jenandersson1


“Looking forward: People will need to reset their personal learning strategies. This is still a very volatile time, but everyone needs to think forward. Continuous professional development through both formal, informal & social means is imperative.” — @C4LPT

This is perpetual beta in the wired era.

“You need to break the temporal chain of synchronicity,” urges Minervini. In other words, an efficient hybrid workplace shouldn’t demand that everyone works the same hours, at the same pace, though occasionally this is necessary. A mix of synchronous and asynchronous communication methods helps geographically-distant teams work best.” — Christine Ro on the BBC

Who’s getting and doing that in your ecosystem in addition to co-creation?

Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: Ideas are shared and improved together rather than kept to oneself. People are inherently creative and want to shape their own experiences. Throughout time, humanity has used collaboration and cooperation; in times of crisis, co-creation becomes vital.” — @AcornOakTribe

Are you co-creating in synchronous and asynchronous ways, too?

“Cutting off our diversity diminishes us as humans and limits our potential says @rhappe. Community enables people to surface their ‘super powers’ and capabilities, adds @simongterry. The bottom line: community interaction will stretch you and enable you to know yourself. #swarm20” — @RitaZonius

Which communities help you fly and surface your wings to expand and know yourself?

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.

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