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Wings & Thriving

“I’m also deeply passionate about learning. To be clear, I think learning is something that happens between someone’s ears. You can’t box it up and sell it and you certainly can’t manage it (for someone else).” — @moehlert


“Learning is wiring in the data to create a retrievable pathway so that we can use and remember data.” — @martispiegelman


“The documentation is the translation back into flatness.” — @NoraBateson


“Knowledge is more creative, messier, harder won, and far more discontinuous.”


“Sometimes we have to do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions, not answers.” — John le Carré HT @BruceMcTague


“This year will be remembered as the time the struggle got all real, all the time, for virtually all of us. Yet, at the same time we found ways to keep in touch, stay strong & remain sane even when none of these outcomes were a given. Moving forward is there anything we can’t do? — @DavidAmerland


“How do we hold on to our sanity, our goodness, our kindness, our humanity when we are knackered and disconnect and confused by changing rules? When there is so much uncertainty? When you wake up and the rules of social conduct are supposed to be different to yesterday?” — @fushia_blue


“Networks are not communities. Communities are trusted spaces run by and for members.” — @hjarche


“We work, grow and play in our own communities, and at the centre of these communities are the places where we come together to learn, innovate and celebrate.” — @Downes


“My roots are my wings” — @changingview

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.



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