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Feedback on feedback²

“Brilliant! Sharing feedback shouldn’t be a ‘tell you’ process; but if it’s understood about sharing ideas together, maybe stimulating new ones, that could be a good thing. What it mustn’t be is something which stifles personal style or creativity.” — Gaby O’Meara HT @dr_rattray


“👉 Show Your Work = finished product, serves to inform others and gain feedback.
👉 Work Out Loud = work in process, serves to invite others and gain collaborators.” — @britz


“The important thing about little bets is that they’re bite-sized. You try one. It takes a few months at most. It either succeeds or fails, but either way you get important feedback to guide your next steps.” — @sivers


“the feedback is more effective when it provides information on how to improve the answer or solution. For advanced learners, feedback can be more epistemic or can be hints and cues. Because advanced learners have a deeper understanding, that type of feedback might be enough for them to figure it out on their own.” — Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen


“great share. I’ve always thought of feedback as a velocity based action always with an eye on progress. accelerate as efficiently as possible or effectively decelerating – if not stopping — progress. excellent read.” — @BruceMcTague


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