Random Collisions

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Random collisions of insights.

“The best way to uncover actionable insights is to catalyze more random collisions of unusual suspects. Make a #RCUS!” — @skap5


“Every combination of people in a group contributes to the greater dynamic. For a group to be healthy, it should bond as a whole, but also nurture individual relationships within itself.” — @dremilyanhalt


“Communities that can create such safe spaces for everyone to show up authentically in all their uniqueness intact create the conditions for a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints to intertwine, synergize, and integrate. Such communities create the conditions for belonging characterized by invitation, inclusion, inspiration, insight, and interconnection. Only when people fully belong can they participate and contribute from their deepest and integral selves.” — Sahana Chattopadhyay


“What do our community members need from us during this transition?

(…) How do we reclaim the concept and intention the community from mass social media?” — Bill Johnston


“Practice following your community’s energy often, and with confidence.” — Ali Zucker


“Keep the structure loose enough so that it can grow or change according to the needs of the community.” — @hjarche


“Seed, feed, weed and breed.” — @Quinnovator & Dave Ferguson


“A community is like an independent bookstore. Help people to get less lost, find what they look for, come back more and more.” — Esha Singh

I examine technology while using McLuhan tetrad. Below is my take on one technology: small online communities.

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Visual produced by Rotana Ty

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.


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