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Following up the first write-up and second posts in the futures thinking blog series related to the online certified course ‘‘Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for our Post-Pandemic Future‘ hosted by Jane McGonigal, here is the third post: ‘Action For Transformation’, that IFTF invited fellow futurists to figure out and write down.

Discover more about the futures thinking project I have explored and keep exploring while researching at large and experimenting.

Project Title

From Anywhere Shifts

Pattern From the Past

MIT and the World Economic Forum recommend a global urgent need for reskilling and upskilling the workforce. But, do corporations, educational institutions, and big consultancies fail at supporting people who are not in control of the system to fasten their capabilities for now-proofing them for distributed work and learning (Working From Anywhere and Learning From Anywhere)?

Innovation for the Future

Any worker from anywhere and any discipline can develop and improve remote and distributed work/learning capabilities through the online workshop of 40 days guided by Harold Jarche, and with an international cohort and host, on-demand coaching and a global community of practice, The Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, after going through the workshop one week at a time. There is also my list of resources and excellent global communities on work/learning/community/leadership futures, that may interest you.

Action for Transformation

My participation in the distributed work skills workshop with a global cohort makes me realize the importance of sharing reflections and lessons learned, work and learning in progress – out loud through a blog post series, the #PKMastery Series, a future skills map, and global community conversations on working and learning in a networked society.

Make a micro-plan

“What could you do in your own “first 5 minutes” to get this work underway, right now?” ~ Jane McGonigal, IFTF

Using and reviewing overtime frequently the future work skills 2020 map in the IFTF report to assess each skill quickly on a scale of 1 to 5 to create my own state of distributed work and learning skills, share it in a conversation with a peer, activate my strengths on my own, in any teams, networks and communities.

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More: Futures Skills Series

To look back to look forward through retrospectives. There is value in doing futurespectives over a decade (looking forward to looking back) to envision and explore the possibilities in post-pandemic futures.

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