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From frequent curated posts, I have reviewed and captured the crème de la crème of insights I spot over 2021.

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” — Ursula K. Le Guin 

Curated in: myriad.

“Two important sensemaking types of tools that everyone should use are feed aggregators and social bookmarks. Though the specific tools may change, everyone needs a way to control the push of information and a way to save, categorize, and annotate resources for later use.” — @hjarche

Curated in: emergent mindsets and strategies.

On Value Creation

“art is a p(art) of every st(art)” @johnmaeda

Curated in: start with art and heart to work and learn.

“Blogging isn’t just a way to organize your research — it’s a way to do research for a book or essay or story or speech you don’t even know you want to write yet. It’s a way to discover what your future books & ess

ays & stories & speeches will be about.” — Cory Doctorow

Curated in: Tapestry – deep work behind-the-scene.

“👉 Show Your Work = finished product, serves to inform others and gain feedback.
👉 Work Out Loud = work in process, serves to invite others and gain collaborators.” — @britz

Curated in: feedback on feedback²

“Don’t ask for feedback. Ask for advice. You ask for action steps to get better. In that way you create a partner. When you ask for feedback you create a critic.” — Daniel Pink

Curated in: align.

On Learning

“I don’t have one mentor. My network mentors me.” — Reid Hoffman

Curated in: mentoring.

“Social learning is not a separate activity at work; it is one that is a vital part of daily work. So, if something crops up as you work, e.g., you might read something or hear something or do something that others might benefit from, then it’s important to share it with them.

Having said that, it’s also important to share effectively and discriminately – and not over-share. It’s about adding value to other people’s working lives and not overwhelming them with stuff, and certainly not about trying to reach the top of some artificial leaderboard that rewards those who post the most! But unless L&D does this themselves in their own teams, they cannot help or role model this behavior in others.” — @C4LPT

Curated in: learning shifts.

“I have reflected about that  story quite a few times since then – emotions, as you know, create sustainable memories … and it has anchored in my mind a conviction in the power of “social learning” : it is by sharing with others that light comes !  Whatever knowledge, information or  insights we receive, it is by discussing, confronting and mirroring with others that they eventually make sense, and therefore are profoundly learned.” — Thierry Bonetto

Curated in: deep artful work.

On Community Building

“Every combination of people in a group contributes to the greater dynamic. For a group to be healthy, it should bond as a whole, but also nurture individual relationships within itself.” — @dremilyanhalt

Curated in: random collisions.

“While we all may not be experts in all areas, we can balance our strengths with the strengths of others to create value for ourselves, our teams, and our communities.” — @kschottphoto

Curated in: agency and velocity.

“How to maintain engagement with your community? How do you dance with complexity?” — Céline Schillinger

Curated in: paths and community reflection.

“… the system and self are very much connected and we can not change the system without changing ourselves as well. That means learning to slow down, be present and show up with an open mind, open heart and courage to embrace uncertainty, unlearn old behaviors and learn new ones.” — @sonjak18

Curated in: starting in a community.

“Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” — Brian Solis

Curated in: best of all Autumn.

“(…) Mastering the art of facilitating two-way conversations is where the game is at … (It always has been all along! 😅👍🏻)” ― @elsua

Curated in: potential and conversational.

“Social learning is about people in trusted relationships sharing and building collective knowledge. The prime role for ‘learning & development’ professionals will be to help make connections by supporting professional networks and communities of practice.” — @hjarche

Curated in: on the edges.

“Q for those who have worked remotely for a long time in bigger teams: How do you keep in contact with distant colleagues? Those with whom you don’t need to interact for work? What do you do to not forget them or be forgotten by them?” ― @katerinabohlec

Curated in: two powerful questions for reflection.

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