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Finally, I wrap up my blog series with a new post after reflecting and thinking about seeding, feeding, and breeding.

“Seed, feed, weed and breed.” — @Quinnovator & Dave Ferguson


“As soon as I became proactive in producing my own stuff, I started getting other roles.” — Ray Liotta


“VUCA: Virtual Unknown Chaotic Adaptable” —François Lavallée


“Peter Hinssen, in The Network Always Wins, describes the antidote to VUCA as VACINE.

  • Velocity

  • Agility

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

  • Network [Thinking]

  • Experimentation” Harold Jarche


“In transdisciplinary work and interdisciplinary collaborations, the overlap of ‘space’ – disciplines – is great for nurturing curiosity, moving into a space of ‘what if’.” — Deirdre Feeney #ANATSpectra2022 via @DangerousMere


The NEW Community Manager Handbook by The Community Roundtable

“When you download The NEW Community Manager Handbook you’ll explore meaningful community management topics with 21 passionate community builders.” — @_shannonabram @TheCR 

The next ten years: Why the future is better than you think. Gerd Leonhard’s keynote at WGS2022

A hug is worth more than ten Zoom calls. A future mindset is about existential leadership.

S4E83: Project management under conditions of inherent uncertainty with Dave Snowden – The Project Chatter Podcast via Anne Marie Rattray

My notes:

Knowledge management is to create the conditions for innovation or improve decision-making. Not about making knowledge explicit. Head -> mind -> mouth -> hands. Flows of knowledge.

Apprentice: learn knowledge after ten years of experience. You also learn knowledge through narrative knowledge. Become a narrative expert.

We are data riched but knowledge poor. The real deep knowledge is in stories of failures, not of success. Fictional failure. Practices. Institutionalize the making of mistakes to learn. Unfortunately, few people can tell stories. They speak only anecdotes.

Which skills do you use to make a decision? Artefacts? For your narrative. Discover meaning and knowledge instead of telling a story.

How can powerful informal social networks be? Informal and formal networks in IBM. Virtual environment. Give people a space for context-free information networks that are informal. Don’t try to formalize informal networks. Just enable them to create trust and entangled knowledge with informal networks across silos.

Focus on stimulating social networks. It looks for something that looks like a spider web. Put a process map down. Reveal and show reality. Get closer—organizational self-awareness.

Not about AI but about machine learning. What are the data sets behind it? Change the rules, and the computer takes time to adapt when a human is faster. AI training datasets building is the focus. Feed the machine with content but still give humans the final decision, not the machine.

Complexity management. Complex Adaptive System = entangled system. The science of uncertainty with different fields: systems thinking and complexity thinking related to nature.

The architecture of projects: not everything is ordered. It needs to be planned to deal with uncertainty through risk orders. Use a waterfall approach even for highly structured projects. You can use MVP and timeboxes to deal with the constraints of projects. SCRUM = liminal technique to iterate and improve projects in IT.

The fast iterative parallel hypothesis to work on? Multi ontology approach: identify coherent and parallel hypotheses in complex problems. Keep a parallel track.

You can’t deconstruct a complex system to solve a complex issue. So use the scaffolding approach instead. Don’t over-design. Make emerging properties. Build the basic scaffoldings in a project before using them intensively—no need to be copied or certified in agile.

Start with where people are. Map it—map knowledge. Use humans as sense-makers and sensors. Stop with the concept of transformation to roll out a consultancy. Consultants are butterflies; they pollinate.

Consultants should bring experts’ knowledge and perspectives. 1-5 apprenticeship model. Beyond, partners become sales. Consultancies need to move back to fertilization. The strategy is retroactive.

The pandemic: we won’t get rid of it yet. Next 10-15 years of massive disruption and migration of methods faster. Extreme discontinuity and uncertainty. Where complexity is critical, make climate change and micro issues concrete and understandable to people. Increase your options quickly to make decisions better regarding the climate change crisis.

Project management holds more extended options to make them actionable—anticipatory thinking. Multiple failures are a capability developed by those who produce them, like in Star Trek. Fail fast, fast forward. Have a whole day of failures. Scan more when you fail than when you succeed. Capture lessons learned. Work on your attitude. 

Uncertainty: you cannot prevent and eliminate it. You cannot manage complexity. You can’t control it. Navigate it. Complexity is built into projects. Build artefacts to deal with it.

Find inspirations by:
– Reading Sci-Fi books and business reports.
– Avoiding books on management about complexity, except scientific books.
– Reading physics books
– Avoiding neo-generalism, focusing on true generalism.
– Being dyslexic. Seeing connections people don’t see.
– Picking up any page on a book or document and seeing its meaning immediately.
– Read the original, not the summary of a book.

Please get rid of a project manager and replace it with a project management crew. Captain can change. There is a position for anyone. Anyone can pass the ball.


The Black Keys — Your Team is Looking Good

“What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” — Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator via Jake Adelstein

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