Transform: a review and notes from the NextGen Enterprise Summit 2020

This post is a humble review of the event I participated in, and how to share the notes I took to live in my notebook. 

Summit Experience

Thanks to

Embrace uncertainty & complexity

I share actionable insights from my network and beyond when time allows. Read on.

Habits of mind to navigate uncertainty by Sonja Blignaut

Cultivate curiosity and openness. Use systems thinking.

Embrace the messy environments for creativity.…

Distributed Work & Creativity

I share insights from my network and beyond when time allows. Read on.

‘Back to the future – From Time-Based to Task-Based Work’ by IFTF

“Of course, the future never repeats the past, or to paraphrase

How do you explore yourself, actionable insights and the world in post-pandemic futures?


I share what caught my attention from my network and beyond.

‘Environment now’ by The Guardian

“The Earth is changing faster than at any point in modern history as a result of human-caused global heating. From the mid-19th century,

Fall – Actionable Insights on Leadership, Work & Business

Falling Masks

“Leaders, who dare to let their guard down and keep an open mind, are less fearful than those in rusty armours hiding behind the words of no, wait and

hat are your superpowers, and how do you activate them? It takes time, effort and self-knowledge to understand and use them, at least one superpower. Once our superpower is unleashed, social learning thrives. Here are the curated actionable insights …

Harvest – the fruit of curated insights of the week

I share what caught my attention while observing insights from my network and beyond. Adding my two cents as well.

“August closes. Summer gives way to Autumn. Abundance makes space

Look Back to Look Forward in the Context of the Pandemic

In the community of practice, Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, which is focused on work and learning, our facilitator Harold Jarche asked members to come prepared for our latest …