In my learning and working journey, I keep learning from innovation cultures. Engaging within the We Are Peers ecosystem is one of my ways and resources for doing so.

We Are Peers encourages and deploys peer learning within organizations …

Here are the resources to imagine a bright future and our ability to learn together. Selected by Rotana Ty for the week 17th-23th June 2019.

From My Network

“Communities impact complex organizational objectives and complex members objectives.” Complex means the

EM Lyon x Artips on Peer Learning Futures

WAP Community is always glad to discover research and news about peer learning and other pioneering learning innovations.

A friend of WAP CommunityLouise Bautista, Account Executive chez Yes We

Meeting WAP – We Are Peers

I have met in person the co-founder and designer of @wapcommunity, Keya Luo, during We Are Peers sessions when I was involved in the four month program on agile project management at …