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From our local city, it is about developing ourselves to engage ourselves and with people from around the world. 

Building a relationship and using technology makes that possible. Whether we use asynchronous ways of synchronous ones, it is about just doing it. By doing so over time, we can better develop people in any team, network, organisation, community – in person and remotely, methinks.

Rachel Happe, the co-founder from The Community Roundtable, underlines that:

“Communities are, at their core, the way people have always come together to learn. They provide the space, relationships, collisions, and trust necessary to create shared meaning, to iterate on emergent ideas, and to norm new patterns and behaviours.” 

It matters more than ever in the world that is uncertain, complex and changing.

Communities, especially communities of practice and learning communities, give the safe, trusted space to experiment, make sense as we feel seen and heard.

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