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How I participate within communities

Rachel Happe

“Great list of resources to explore the future of learning/future of work.”

It is about developing ourselves to engage ourselves and people from around the world from our local city. Building a relationship and using technology makes that possible. Whether we use asynchronous ways of synchronous ones, it is about just doing it. Over time, we can better develop people in any team, network, organisation, community – in person and remotely, methinks.

Rachel Happe, the co-founder from The Community Roundtable, underlines that:

“Communities are, at their core, the way people have always come together to learn. They provide the space, relationships, collisions, and trust necessary to create shared meaning, to iterate on emergent ideas, and to norm new patterns and behaviours.” 

It matters more than ever in a world that is uncertain, complex and changing. Communities, especially communities of practice and learning communities, give the safe, trusted space to experiment, make sense as we feel seen and heard.

I have joined a few global communities in which I participate.

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Perpetual Beta Coffee Club

After I completed the remote workshop ‘Personal Knowledge Mastery‘, I was invited by Harold to join the Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, a global community of practice focused on workplace learning:

“Members are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, & USA.

We have a private discussion forum and I host live web video chats monthly. Dates and times are arranged by a monthly poll of members. These are recorded and available for a week afterwards. We try to ensure that what is discussed inside the coffee club stays there. It is intended to be a trusted space. As the club grows, I will offer more services to meet demand.

While the main focus is workplace learning, we talk about whatever interests our members — books, democracy, leadership, media, etc.”

Read on my #PKMastery Series to learn more about our activities through the Personal Knowledge Mastery workshop and the PBCC.

Modern Workplace Learning Programme

I bought the e-book ‘Modern Workplace Learning in 2021‘ written by Jane Hart, founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) – “one of the world’s leading websites on learning trends, technologies and tools.” This purchase also gives me access to the Yammer network, where I can share my thoughts on modern workplace learning in 2021 with Jane Hart and other leading modern workplace learning professionals worldwide.

There is also a Telegram group in which Jane Hart shares daily resources on Modern Workplace Learning. You can join it here.

Learning Rebels Coffee Chats

Every other week live one-hour conversations hosted by Shannon Tipton on workplace learning emergent practices to learn, reflect and try together as learning rebels to think and do differently. My first participation started with the theme of boundless curiosity and carried on over one live conversation at a time with the performance & learning practitioners.

The Network Of Us

I have been invited by Trish Wilson, Improvement Network Catalyst and Continuous Improvement Specialist, to be part of the live conversations with change-makers across the globe.

“Network making – Connecting Collaborative Improvement People”. A global network hosted by Trish Wilson.

It is always interesting to meet and discuss with people I didn’t know over questions I had no clues about before the call. There is often no roundtable, defined topics or schedule. The constraint is only the time.

The Catalyst Network

I have sometimes met and interacted on Twitter over the year with the instigator of the Catalyst Network, Josie Gibson. At the end of 2020, I was also glad to meet her over a video call that Trish Wilson hosted. I look forward to learning from and with fellow catalysts worldwide over the newsletter, live conversations and other ways. The latest check-in and gathering we had was on the 5D Future of Work with Richard Claydon.

You can also dive into the backchannel on Linkedin to see what Josie Gibson and the network share. Search the Linkedin stream with the hashtag #catalystnetwork

21st Century Explorers Community

I have explored the possibilities with Antacara Frontiers as I met in Paris, the founder, last year and have continued conversations over time. I was recently invited to join the 21st Century Explorers: a learning community guided by Jillian Reilly from Antacara Frontiers and enabled by Connectle. As shared by Jillian on the overview of our global learning community:

“Gathering 21st Century Explorers from across the globe.

A community for those navigating creative journeys within companies or in the service of creating their own.

Curiously Exploring and Carving New Paths.”

Read on my exploratory series to discover more the ways and activate my exploration on my own and with fellow explorers.

IFTF Foresight Essentials Community

I am certified after I completed and participated in the online courses Ready, Set, Future! Introduction to Futures Thinking and Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for our Post-Pandemic Future, which Jane McGonigal brings from the Institute For The Future. They are both pretty good starting points for anyone interested in foresight essentials. Read on more in my blog post on this topic.

So now, I am an alumni of this foresight community of IFTF Certified Practitioners. It is active through frequent meetups, webinars, a newsletter and if we want to further specializations via other online courses via Coursera.

I’ll see how it goes, especially with the live conversation every month. So far, so good as tweeted with a remote meetup on: “conducting interviews with stakeholders within organizations and thought leaders external to organizations who are charting their future” as put on the invitation I received.

“People can have a conversation with one another about the topic at hand. Not wasted small talk, but detailed, guided, focused interaction based on the prompt you just gave them. Later, the organizer can press a button & summon everyone back together.” Experienced @iftfmeet-up #5. Works well!

Read on my futures thinking series to learn more about the emergent practices and mindset I have learned and use.

The Community Roundtable Academy

I am still catching up with the community management space’s latest practices through a few podcasts, newsletters, blog posts, and online courses. I dived deep into two online courses from The Community Roundtable Academy to be certified. Read one more in this post.

Below are visuals I created to examine the impacts of global communities and online communities.

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.

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