Visual Thinking

visual thinking valley mountain hiking rotana ty

“Your visual thinking, That, more than anything, is what I think is special about you. You have talent there, I think.” — Anne Marie Rattray

This is the feedback I got regarding the strengths I build. Below are some of my productions that weave words and visuals I produced over the years.

learner experience propelling expérience apprenante propulser sea ireland howth
tree green countryside france learning work skills capability development growth distributed work rotana ty
activations learning grey line cent quatre paris art center
paris wheel windown motion hausmann work learning engagement community book rotana ty
IMG tb9irg
mountain hill sky learning workplace work future foresight trends rotana ty
apprentissage continu en réseau pkm personal knowledge mastery rotana ty
visualizing ourselves workshop communication typography sensemaking rotana ty
futurs espaces apprentissage travail rotana ty makers creativity humanity connectedness technology digital immersion art teamlab
innovation innover
learnability capacité apprentissage rotana ty learning capability curiosity learnability strengths superpower superman
néo-généraliste neo-generalist livre book kenneth mikkelsen rotana ty
parcours apprentissage journey rotana ty learning performance arts

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