Futures Thinking Caught my Attention

“As we see the future, so we act; as we act we become.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard via Gerd Leonhard

Learning, Community Management, Personal Knowledge Mastery, and Futures Thinking.

I explore …

all is here. The switch between sunny days and rainy grey days is constant. The weather is still lovely and windy. Then, the leaves start falling, and I can see how the trees change while walking.

Like leaves that …

“The strength of the individual is the community. The strength of the community is the individual.” —  @GeorgeSiosi

After reflecting on communities’ engagement and starting a community, designing, onboarding, and hosting a community come to mind. Those activities are …

ime to continue a community series after I published last month a post on community reflection.

So here is a new curated write-up on starting and nurturing communities.

Starting a community. From scratch, really?

“It’s not easy for a

all is here. Leaves, nuts, mushrooms, grey, raining, sunny and windy days are coming as we live the Indian summer’s last days. Every year I enjoy this season very much.

This shift makes me revisit thoughts, experiences, and engagement within …

Potential and conversational.

Distributed Work & Soft Skills

hat are the predominant soft skills when working anywhere, aka distributed work?

This is a question we had in our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club at the end of Spring 2020. Below …

Shifting Story Sharing

I was an active member of the 21st Century Explorers Global Community.

Jillian Reilly is the ex-founder of Antacara Frontiers and the community host.

Every week we gathered together over a live video conversation and via Connectle, …

Wrapping up the PKM Workshop

fter 60 days, the remote workshop ‘Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), which started on 13th January 2020, will close on 20th March.

I enjoyed the learning experience very much, which was brought by Harold Jarche

PKM – personal knowledge mastery: what does it look like?

arold Jarche shares in his blog post:

It is easy to remember Seek > Sense > Share. From there, more detailed representations can be developed, based on experience

What is the most important reason to become a modern professional learner?

In 2019 and beyond, I would like to reiterate the reason I shared in 2017:

Taking charge of our own professional development and self-improvement depends on ourselves.