Who Makes You…, Lets You…?

This a question with other few additional ones that @dscofield asks. And I add to that: why?

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As I wrote a while ago, curating our network and growing with people while learning and making


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This is a photo shot by moi at the exhibition ‘Globes’ @citedelarchi, Paris, France

“And, after all, we now live in a global world. So, learning more and broadening your approach will likely help you find more creative

No time right now for reading my blog post? Check out this visual digest. It is a synthesis on how I am and become a modern professional learner.

As we are heading toward the end of this year, I …

Seeing Megashifts & your Shifts

Photography shared by @Jack__Arts for the British Museum exhibition on Hokusai
Photography shared by @Jack__Arts for the British Museum exhibition on Hokusai

“Keep moving forward. One step at a time.” — Unknown 

Few years ago, as a sense-maker and insight patternist, I wrote this blog …

On the Slow Movement

Seth Godin said that if you use slow media, like podcast, for learning by listening, you will see some benefits:

“Slow media is not for the distracted masses, it’s for the focused few. Go ahead and

If you are exploring the emerging trends in learning, you have not missed the emergence of MOOCs these days. Some reactions are interesting:

“We’ll see if MOOCs bring about the democratisation of education or just the mass consumerisation of good