Futures Thinking Caught my Attention

“As we see the future, so we act; as we act we become.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard via Gerd Leonhard

Learning, Community Management, Personal Knowledge Mastery, and Futures Thinking.

I explore …

Onwards as we have entered a new year — 2021

“We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” — Marshall McLuhan


“And ultimately, collapse is required for new growth and renewal.

Learning Futures at Learning Technology France Conference 2020.

Learning Futures At #LTFrance 2020

On February 5th and 6th, I spent a few hours at the Learning Technologies France conference for the first time. As an attendee, I went to some …

I presented what Cube School and projects we have done are all about. Here is below the overview of the program.


As tweeted, the campus manager of the Cube School, Julien Keita, my peers, and moi were …

Connected and disconnected.

Discover some resources and insights for thinking about and developing your relationship with connectivity, climate change and futures thinking.

Connected to our planet

Do you know Zara Forman? On the about page of her website, it …

Workplace Futures & Nowness.

“Outside of work (your) people are learning in connected ways.” — @MichelleOckers

Yes, we do.

Experiencing Collective Digital Arts

Are we seeing the emergence of collective digital art experiences?

I wonder, because I have been …

Connectedness Era

Divergence is as important as convergence.

New ways of working and health are related and interesting. Topics such as remote work, sitting and standing desks, walkability, wearable technologies and connected life spaces caught my attention. Deep-tech …