“The first bud of spring sings the other seeds into joining her uprising.” ― Amanda Gorman

Happy Spring!

I’ve been thinking about shifting, urgent optimism, blogging, future skills, superpowers, and Norway. So enjoy what is coming below.

Thinking about


I look back to look forward. 2021: what are my main themes, moments of change and ripples?

Community Management

I went deeper into the discipline of community management this year in various ways:

📜 Certified by The Community Roundtable: Community

ollowing up this write-up in the futures thinking blog series. This post is related to the online certified course ‘‘Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for our Post-Pandemic Future‘ hosted by Jane McGonigal.

She invited fellow futurists to gain …

Distrbuted Learning Futures: 4 great patterns of change to watch.

Iam now certified by the Institute For the Future in my future thinking quest and learning journey as I completed the excellent online course Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for

Distributed Work & Soft Skills

hat are the predominant soft skills when working anywhere, aka distributed work? This is a question we had in our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club at the end of Spring 2020. Below is the take …

I tweeted:

“Participating for the second time in the #PKMastery workshop to revisit, develop and refine my work and learning practices with a global cohort and @hjarche https://twitter.com/hjarche/status/1365337275656200202

I participated in the Personal Knowledge Mastery Workshop. Each week, …

Learning Futures at Learning Technology France Conference 2020.

Learning Futures At #LTFrance 2020

On February 5th and 6th, I spent a few hours at the Learning Technologies France conference for the first time. As an attendee, I went to some …

“As we see the future, so we act; as we act we become.” — Barbara Marx Hubbard via Gerd Leonhard

Futures Thinking Caught my Attention

Learning, Exploratory Leadership, Community Management, Personal Knowledge Mastery, and Futures Thinking

have introduced what Cube School – the agile project management program- is about regarding benefits and how its ecosystem felt. I rewind each week spent at the Cube, the digital creation centre in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Paris, France, while doing ‘learning

Connected and disconnected.

Discover some resources and insights for thinking about and developing your relationship with connectivity, climate change and futures thinking.

Connected to our planet

Do you know Zara Forman? On the about page of her website, it …