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I have introduced what Cube School – the agile project management program- is about regarding benefits and how its ecosystem felt. I rewind each week spent at the Cube, the digital creation centre in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Paris, France, while doing ‘learning by doing’ activities and projects with the ecosystem.

Week 1 – Onboarding – September 2018

As tweeted, the campus manager of the Cube School, Julien Keita, my peers, and moi were welcomed by the staff, the co-founder, and the president.

The topic was: Digital creativity at the heart of the renewal. It was all about “reinventing our relationship with reality to apprehend the changing world”, as Nils Aziosmanoff shared in this interview from 2017.

The format was a blend of many learning of thinking critically and doing activities together.

The Foresight Program

  • Monday, an opening keynote on digital creativity at the heart of the renewal from Nils Aziosmanoff
  • The rest of the week was all about the workshop
    • Workshop on smart cities
      • Topic 1: governance, citizenship and digital administration.
      • Topic 2: Services of the smart cities – health, security, education, leisure and culture.C
    • Workshop on third places
      • Topic 1: Consumption
      • Topic 2: Culture
      • Topic 3: Work Futures and Mobility
      • Deliverable: collaborative digital map of third places in Le Grand Paris.
    • Workshop on digital creativity and arts
      • Topic 1: Business models
      • Topic 2: Radio and music
      • Topic 3: Generative Art, Kinetic Art, Behavioral Art
    • Workshop on mixed media
      • Topic 1: Printing
      • Topic 2: Gaming, Virtual / Augmented Reality
      • Topic 3: Television Futures and Cinema
      • Topic 4: Web – social networks, platforms and data

Sense-making Our Changing World

Research, sensemaking, and share out loud findings per small team of three or four peers on an emerging trend daily – from Monday to Friday – in the conference room of the Cube. With Nils Aziosmanoff‘s insights and knowledge, we spotted, synthesized and shared out loud insights and foresight on each emerging trend so that we connected better the whole trends to be more aware of their impacts on society and our world.

This opening keynote by Nils Aziosmanoff was done ten days before the same conference occurred at the international bank, Société Générale, France.

“Outstanding conference by Nils Aziosmanoff “Digital creativity at the heart of renewal: the fabric of the impossible, a prelude to the flight from the shadows @SocieteGenerale#SGForum” – @BdGeorges

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Source: Photo shot by @BdGeorges

“The big challenge is that man will be challenged by machines, so what will be left to humans?” We will not be able to project ourselves until we have a new story. new imaginaries ” Nils Aziosmanoff @SocieteGenerale#SGForum” – @BdGeorges

generative art digital creativity flow cascade blue rotana ty crowd nature cities climate change antartica foresight trends rotana ty Source: photos shot by @BdGeorges

Seeing the Mega Shifts & our Shifts

This synthesis is from moi but is inspired and nurtured by the work the c5 bright creatives/learners / agile project managers did with Nils Aziosmanoff during this first week at the Cube. I have used Google Jamboard.

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It is worthwhile to be aware of emerging trends that impact (digital) creativity in our complex and changing world. As I wrote in that blog post:

Which points do you see in a map of emerging technologies?

What are the impacts of emerging technologies respectively on an individual and organisational level, and on a societal level?

Which shifts can be done for embracing emergence and ambiguity?

How do you see the megashifts and your shifts?

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