“Creativity is a mindset, an attitude, a way of life. It could also be seen as a set of habits. If you want to bring your creativity to the fore, then explore ways of bringing it into your life in myriad small acts” — Meredith Lewis

“Creativity, Leski tells us, is a path with no beginning or end; it is ongoing. This revelatory view of the creative process will be an essential guide for anyone engaged in creative discovery.” — MIT Press, The Storm of Creativity by Kyna Leski with a foreword by John Maeda

“The four pillars of creativity:

• Inspiration = read books, seek interesting conversations, learn from others and nature
• Ideation = generate and discuss ideas
• Introspection = reflect on your progress, feelings, challenges and opportunities
• Idleness = rest, relax, recharge” — @anthilemoon

“Creativity is more about taking the facts, fictions, and feelings we store away and finding new ways to connect them.” — @TharpTwyla, The Creative Habit

Through this series of blog posts on creativity, I share how one can nurture and develop creativity on their own and with people. Enjoy.