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Following up on my latest post, ‘Seeds’, I continue to share my working and learning out’s activities for the past few weeks with a new post.

“Seed, feed, weed and breed.” — @Quinnovator & Dave Ferguson

Question #1

What does hybrid work mean to you?” asks @rhappe

Embracing synchronous and asynchronous ways to collaborate, co-create and cooperate within a distributed organization, team, network, and community – F2F and online.

Rachel Happe also tweeted:

“I like that definition a lot. Many miss the important place of asynchronous work.

I am finding that some people define hybrid as everyone remote most of the time, some as everyone comes to the office a few days a week, and the best are rethinking HOW they work.”

And this tweet:

“I was thinking recently about meeting roles and how all participants should have one (to make it a collaboration vs a presentation) and in those situations make one person in the room responsible for one person joining remotely to ensure they are included and can participate”

Question #2

Community professionals, what do you do to either give yourself a break or to refresh your creativity and productivity?” asks @jenny_community

I disconnect to find and connect the dots. Biking and walking, going to art exhibits, listening to music, watching movies/sports/fashion shows/documentaries, engaging in weekly or monthly community chats, and resting.

Question #3

How do you focus in a fragmented world?

“Is ‘not well’ an answer?

Otherwise, good network management hygiene, email tagging rules, and a structured notebook/planner to set intentions every day.” — @EngagedOrgs

Excellent practices—a blend between manual and automated efforts for the win.

For example, for setting daily/weekly intentions, I find it helpful to use Clickup and time blocking in my calendar to stay focused and manage better my energy.

Inner Development Goals (IDGs)

“Creativity is a mindset, an attitude, a way of life. It could also be seen as a set of habits. If you want to bring your creativity to the fore, then explore ways of bringing it into your life in myriad small acts” — Meredith Lewis

At the end of April, I participated in the online workshop ‘Wayfinding: Traveling between imagination and agency with the IDGs’, hosted by Meredith Lewis, Professional Listener. Serendipitist. Pamphleteer. Fascinating conversation collectively and in the breakout room with fellow smart creatives worldwide.

Thanks to Meredith again for hosting this gathering exceptionally. I very much enjoy the experience. She created the successful conditions and atmosphere to make insights and creativity emerge.

As she shared with us following up on the workshop, the IDGs website has excellent resources and information, including the deck she used, which is free for anyone to download and use.

Great. That is useful for hosting workshops on those skills.

In her IDGs blog post series, Meredith shares her thoughts and creative prompt for one of the sub-skill of each skills family. Here are below my thoughts and activities through my tweets, posted and upcoming in my stream:

#IDGs Being (Relationship to Self)

“How does the universe speak to you?

Which moments help you to ‘see’ yourself and, simultaneously, to see your place within the universe?”

Through activations & learning moments #WCIW


#IDGs Thinking (Cognitive Skills)

“Whose vision of the future do I want those who have yet to be born to be living in?” #WCIW

Workplace Futures

Learning futures

Futures thinking²


#IDGs Relating (Caring for Others & the World)

“(…) recall the last convo you participated in that was attended to with imagination and devotion.” #WCIW

A fantastic community explorers chat two weeks ago.


#IDGs Collaborating

“Who expanded your horizons? When? How?

Do U show others “new music”? Do U feel able to – why or why not?” #WCIW


Insights patternists



#IDGs Acting (Driving Change)

“How did you come to the #IDGs Framework – what was your point of entry?” #WCIW

Thanks to you, @DangerousMere, on Twitter & via your newsletter ;-)

+ A 21st Century skills project a few years ago

Curated feeds

If creativity is about connecting dots, then you need to be intentional about collecting dots. As individuals, we have to continually expand our reference points, as teams, we have to deliberately curate conversations.” – Jillian Reilly

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