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“The first bud of spring sings the other seeds into joining her uprising.” ― Amanda Gorman

Happy Spring!

I’ve been thinking about shifting, urgent optimism, blogging, future skills, superpowers, and Norway. So enjoy what is coming below.

Thinking about


From VUCA to BANI. Post-Normal. Urgent Optimism. Read more.


The transition between the Global New Year and the Asian New Years. The crisis in Europe. The International Women’s Day. Spring. New beginnings. Read more.

Mulling over

“Why do you blog? What is your strategy behind blogging? What do you blog about?” — @bill_slawski


“I blog to make sense. These are often half-baked ideas. Over time my blog has become my outboard brain. I blog mostly for myself. I write about learning, work, complexity, democracy, innovation, etc. My strategy over 18 years is just to write —” — @hjarche


“Same :) Blogging since 2008 for myself!” — @write2tg


“To explore new territories (semiotic trails)”@TheodoraPetkova


“I blog to learn. Every article I publish is an opportunity to dig deeper into a subject, simplify something complex, or clarify something confusing.” — @JonasSickler

I blog to research, sometimes turn the crème de la crème of posts into a book, share deep thoughts about what caught my attention, observe ideas from interesting people, and anchor/revisit stories, experiences, and practices.

Working on

Digital marketing workshops – networking, creating valuable content and communicating in a network era. They will include deep dives, activities, nudges to share a reflection collectively, a production, knowledge and questions around:

  • Enhancing personal brand and assets.
  • Building, learning from, engaging with, and contributing to our network.

Stay tuned.


Activating superpowers

Being a Grand Jury member for the yearly Students-Entrepreneurs Contest Pépite made me engage locally with the academic and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was refreshing to hear work in progress and learnings from young instigators in higher education, construction, community building, social services, and environmental services. I am still pondering Silicon Valley’s model to build and scale startups.

As David Ross asks in his Linkedin post, how can we spot and activate our superpowers? It takes time, effort, and self-knowledge to understand and use at least one superpower. However, once our superpower is unleashed, social learning thrives.

Urgent optimism

According to Jane McGonigal, urgent optimism is a mindset and a practice. It combines mental flexibility, realistic hope and future power/actions for self-efficacy and collective efficacy. In addition, imagination, courage and deep collaboration skills are activated. To practice and develop urgent optimism, I have been learning with a global community of urgent optimists/futurists since March 2022.


I’ve enjoyed a few days off to Oslo, Norway and a few Norwegian cities one hundred miles away to hike in the woods and mountains, stroll in Oslo’s boroughs, and explore historical museums. Great views from the Operahuset, Holmenkollen, and Sognsvann. I enjoyed walking in the boroughs of Vulkan, Bla, Vigeland and Frogner. Discovering Fredrikstad was quite an adventure!

It was refreshing and uplifting to travel and explore abroad again during the pandemic. But it felt weird and risky, too.

Next: Feed.

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