I reflect on the value of defragmenting and unifying our artefacts, our writings and ourselves in a fragmented world. Read on more in this post.

Defragmenting our Arfefacts

For past Winter holidays, I grabbed the Greenlights Journal by Matthew McConaughey. …

Did you have a pleasant summer? Do you enjoy Fall ?

Please find below my eight seasonal gems: book readings, exhibitions and cities. Enjoy.

Gem 1: Le Continent Blanc x Matthieu Tordeur


I read the paper book version since the …

ollowing up on my latest post, ‘Seeds’, I continue to share my working and learning out’s activities for the past few weeks with a new post.

“Seed, feed, weed and breed.” — @Quinnovator & Dave Ferguson

Question #1

“The first bud of spring sings the other seeds into joining her uprising.” ― Amanda Gorman

Happy Spring!

Enjoy below some gems I notice through my network and beyond.

On Blogging

“Why do you blog? What is your strategy behind

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

arch. The month between the Lunar …

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Tapestry Book: deep work and inside out.

Inspirations From Writers

ascinating ways to read, write, research, highlight, retrieve, pick, proofread, find a balance between productivity and presence, use tech hacks online and offline – as a writer—for example, and reader.…

Shifting Story Sharing

I was an active member of the 21st Century Explorers Global Community.

Jillian Reilly is the ex-founder of Antacara Frontiers and the community host.

Every week we gathered together over a live video conversation and via Connectle, …

hen I was off to London for a three days exploration of the city. I felt refreshed and re-energized after my travel when I returned early this week. I love walking around the City of London.

This long weekend trip …