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During the first week of May, I was off for a week with two other people to hike, bike and wander in the French region of Isère. I enjoyed very much exploring and riding different cities and villages, forests and farmlands, rivers and lakes. It was also a great way to reflect, keep learning, make sense and recalibrate while away from Le Grand Paris.

isère france countryside hiking mountain forest river rotana ty

Intensive, exhausting and joyful adventure. I have carried on learning and working remotely in the flow of life, too. Below is my tracking map. I use the template that fellow explorers and hosts from the 21st Century Explorers Community, Klara Loots and Jillian Reilly, have kindly shared with members last year to help us track and observe our exploratory journey anytime.

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May energy flows

As we ride and are alive,

hold up half the sky.

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