Strengths Building

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Strengths building. I share how I recalibrate, review and refine my Clifton Strengths. Read on.

This is Summertime. After being involved intensively over the past few months in co-creating and co-hosting a learning community and program specialised in soft skills development, I review, refine and recalibrate through my strengths and self-knowledge.

The ability to change your mind is proof you are capable of learning.” — @ValaAfshar

I am grateful for life and serendipitous encounters while engaging in one learning community/community of practice at a time. Last week I met over the 21st Century Explorers Community and discussed with Lotte Koënig, Clifton Strengths certified coach from Gallup. I was so glad to meet her as I had done by the end of last year’s self-assessment.

I’ve got a personal report of my thirty-four themes strengths.

I lead with strategic thinking and constantly absorb and analyse information that informs better decisions. I stretch thinking for nowness and future.

I have revisited my personalised and unique report in quiet times on my own. We have done so with Lotte for a few sessions to dive deep and reflect on my strengths. As a result, I have captured a few actionable insights to move forward and self-improve with some visuals and a skills mapping.

Your turn. What are your strengths and how do you develop them?

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