On 21st October 2022, I hosted a three-hour in-person workshop with a local French partner in Le Grand Paris, France. It was fun, energizing and insightful. Discover my debriefing below.

Participants of the Soft Skills Workshop

Thirteen French solopreneurs from …

all is here. The switch between sunny days and rainy grey days is constant. The weather is still lovely and windy. Then, the leaves start falling, and I can see how the trees change while walking.

Like leaves that …

ollowing up on my latest post, ‘Seeds’, I continue to share my working and learning out’s activities for the past few weeks with a new post.

“Seed, feed, weed and breed.” — @Quinnovator & Dave Ferguson

Question #1

Potential and conversational.

Distributed Work & Soft Skills

hat are the predominant soft skills when working anywhere, aka distributed work?

This is a question we had in our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club at the end of Spring 2020. Below …

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What does it mean for you ?

How do you activate mentoring ?

Why ?

The Mentoring One from The Women Talking about Learning Podcast

RT @marciamarcia RT @tloh: “I don’t have one mentor. My network mentors

Strengths building. I share how I recalibrate, review and refine my Clifton Strengths. Read on.

This is Summertime. After being involved intensively over the past few months in co-creating and co-hosting a learning community and program specialised in soft skills

Wrapping up the PKM Workshop

fter 60 days, the remote workshop ‘Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), which started on 13th January 2020, will close on 20th March.

I enjoyed the learning experience very much, which was brought by Harold Jarche

Learning Futures at Learning Technology France Conference 2020.

Learning Futures At #LTFrance 2020

On February 5th and 6th, I spent a few hours at the Learning Technologies France conference for the first time. As an attendee, I went to some …