High momentum. As winter approaches and the year nears its end, I am reminded of Albert Camus’ quote, “In the middle of winter, I discovered in myself an invincible summer.” With only one month left, some may be tempted to …

Navigating Project Management to cope with uncertainty

I listened to an episode of : The Project Chatter Podcast, Project management under conditions of inherent uncertainty with Dave Snowden on the recommendations of Anne-Marie Rattray.

Here are my notes.


Nudge: what is it?

“In English it means ‘nudge’, that little gesture you make to encourage someone to pay attention to what they’re about to say or do.

In French it would be translated as “coup de pouce“.

Deep Artful Work – Insights Of the Week

“Motivation often comes after starting, not before.

Action produces momentum.” — James Clear


“The walking experience dictates the ideas, which is what makes creative walks such a unique working adventure.

Potential and conversational.

Distributed Work & Soft Skills

hat are the predominant soft skills when working anywhere, aka distributed work?

This is a question we had in our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club at the end of Spring 2020. Below …

brave new era: what does it look like?

“The 21st century — and many things we have been expecting for the near future — suddenly hit us with a vengeance in 2020. Now we need to connect, adapt, and find

Transform: a review and notes from the NextGen Enterprise Summit 2020.

This post is a humble review of the event I participated in, and how to share the notes I took to live in my notebook. 

Transform Summit Experience


tay Present, Healthy, Fit and Resilient.

In a post-normal world, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle, be resilient, and focus on the present.

ave Opportunities for Co-creation, Cooperation and Collaboration.

It is about having the …

“We should find others who are sharing their knowledge flow and in turn contribute our own. #PKMastery is not about being a better digital librarian, or curator, it’s about becoming a participating member of a networked society.” — Harold Jarche

What is the most important reason to become a modern professional learner?

In 2019 and beyond, I would like to reiterate the reason I shared in 2017:

Taking charge of our own professional development and self-improvement depends on ourselves.