brave new era: what does it look like?

“The 21st century — and many things we have been expecting for the near future — suddenly hit us with a vengeance in 2020. Now we need to connect, adapt, and find

Tapestry Book: deep work and inside out.

Inspirations From Writers

ascinating ways to read, write, research, highlight, retrieve, pick, proofread, find a balance between productivity and presence, use tech hacks online and offline – as a writer—for example, and reader.…

Introducing my Uplifting & Insightful Blogroll

Dive into this curated collection of insightful bloggers who will inspire and make you rethink the ways and which you learn and work. From personal growth to business adventures, these bloggers share their …

The Neo-Generalist — Why & What

fter I read the book, The Neo-Generalist, by Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin, thoughts, feelings, and stories shared resonated as I shifted into a world of constant change.

A generalist has specialities