Who Makes You…, Lets You…?

This a question with other few additional ones that @dscofield asks. And I add to that: why?

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As I wrote a while ago, curating our network and growing with people while learning and making

On Societal & Digital Mutations

I love learning on the go from podcasts. Lately, I have re-discovered a podcast brought by Martin LessardM2 – Mutation numérique. As put on his website in French:

“M2, c’est pour

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This photo was during an immersive digital and F2F art experience at the exhibition ‘Beyond Limits’ brought by Team Lab during the Japonismes 2018 Festival, Paris, France.

“NEW BLOG: A reflection of #CourageCamp from Jillian Reilly @changingview – What

 The artist working on pieces for her upcoming exhibition. Photo: Quinn Miller-Bedell

Source: “The artist working on pieces for her upcoming exhibition. Photo: Quinn Miller-Bedell” – My Modern Met “New Hyperrealistic Pastel Drawings by Zaria Forman Capture the Spirit of Antarctica”.

On Earth & Climate Change

Do you know Zara Forman

On Leadership

“Too often it sounds like positional leaders are talking about a world that no longer exists. Amazon may be a networked company but it is structured as a hierarchical institution in a traditional market. Jeff Bezos makes $52,000,000

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This is a photo I shot while strolling in the early morning on Portobello beach, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Neo-Generalist — Why & What

After I read the book, The Neo-Generalist, by Kenneth Mikkelsen @leadershipABC and Richard Martin, thoughts, feelings