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Introducing my Uplifting & Insightful Blogroll

Dive into this curated collection of insightful bloggers who will inspire and make you rethink the ways and which you learn and work. From personal growth to business adventures, these bloggers share their unique perspectives, offering a refreshing take on work/learning experiences.

Expand your horizons and embark on a journey of actionable insights with my handpicked selection of bloggers. Enjoy!

According to Lilia Efimova (@mathemagenic), a blog can serve as a boundary object that connects various knowledge domains and social networks due to the author’s diverse range of themes, roles and identities.

Over time, I have followed a diverse range of blogs within both my local and global networks, which have consistently stimulated, nourished, and fueled my creative ideas, enhanced my ways of learning, and positively influenced my professional approach. These uplifting, insightful, and thought-provoking blogs have significantly enriched my professional journey.

Explore each blog and blogger below by continent or multiple continents.

Uplifting & Insightful Thoughts on Writing & Printing

I highly recommend two podcast episodes to hear.

The Tim Ferriss Show #460: Writing, Workflow, and Workarounds

Fascinating techniques for improving reading, writing, researching, highlighting, retrieving, selecting, proofreading, and balancing productivity with presence, using technology hacks both online and offline – as both a writer and reader.

DyeSubCast Episode 9

Even though I have never had the opportunity to meet Michael Josefowicz face to face, I can sense his kind-hearted nature from our past interactions through Twitter Tennis and remote collaboration on a print and transmedia project a few years ago. His knowledge and expertise in the Printernet world are truly remarkable. Thanks to the Universe for its clear communication abilities.

Here are some notes I took while listening to this discussion:

Paper-based media is the most effective for meaningful conversation. It is the result of reflecting on the paper with a pencil, highlighting text, setting it aside, and revisiting it later, transforming it from nothing to something of greater value with ink and prints. Experiments in content creation.

Printernet establishes a foundation for dialogue. For businesses in your region, profitable publication and consistent bulletins are essential. Print everything feasible to distribute in your print stores. Cultivate your image to develop a state-of-the-art facility with the ideal audience. To achieve success, you need one thing: control over your story. Enhance it with a compelling image. Utilize Google Docs for seamless editing, then convert to PDF.

Engage in PrintChat, a Twitter chat that allows you to connect with others in the industry. Attend events such as cocktail parties to network and refine your skills. But remember, practice is key.

  1. Speak only when necessary.
  2. Listen attentively and observe personalities, tweets, and the interactions of individuals.
  3. Practice answering questions concisely with clarity. Use Twitter’s 240 character limit.

Uplifting & Insightful Tapestry Book

Here are another inspiring thoughts:

“Blogging isn’t just a way to organize your research — it’s a way to do research for a book or essay or story or speech you don’t even know you want to write yet. It’s a way to discover what your future books and essays and stories and speeches will be about.” — Cory Doctorow

I experience this.

Tapestry Book: the deep work behind the scenes is my learning journey through the process of transforming blog posts into a cohesive and unique e-book. It unravels the trials and tribulations of connecting my scattered thoughts and ideas, weaving them together into a rich tapestry of knowledge, experience and artfefacts.

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final polished artefact, this e-book takes you on a behind-the-scenes adventure, revealing the intricate work required to craft a compelling narrative.

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This is a photo I took while walking in a park in Marseille, France.

Did you enjoy this post? Check out the Tapestry Book.

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