Here is my archive of all the blog posts written over the years.

Spring Gems

June 20, 2024/by Rotana Ty

Futures Thinking

June 11, 2024/by Rotana Ty


March 20, 2024/by Rotana Ty

8 Seasonal Gems

August 21, 2023/by Rotana Ty

Hosting a Soft Skills Workshop

January 8, 2023/by Rotana Ty

Propelling a Learner Experience

October 2, 2022/by Rotana Ty


September 9, 2022/by Rotana Ty

Navigating project management

June 6, 2022/by Rotana Ty


May 22, 2022/by Rotana Ty


May 1, 2022/by Rotana Ty


April 7, 2022/by Rotana Ty


March 6, 2022/by Rotana Ty

Embracing a Community

January 28, 2022/by Rotana Ty

Hosting a Community

November 14, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Starting a Community

October 13, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Community Reflection

September 15, 2021/by Rotana Ty

The Art Of Gathering

August 1, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Start with Big Art & Heart

July 11, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Visual Thinking

May 24, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Potential & Conversational

May 1, 2021/by Rotana Ty


March 26, 2021/by Rotana Ty


March 15, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Random Collisions

March 11, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Podcast Notes

February 19, 2021/by Rotana Ty


January 30, 2021/by Rotana Ty

A Brave New Era: Harold Jarche on Perpetual Beta — Our New Normal

January 16, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Tapestry Book: the deep work behind the scenes

January 15, 2021/by Rotana Ty

Backwards into the futures

January 8, 2021/by Rotana Ty


December 3, 2020/by Rotana Ty


December 2, 2020/by Rotana Ty

#PKMastery Series

November 1, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Creativity Series

October 25, 2020/by Rotana Ty


October 25, 2020/by Rotana Ty


October 25, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Mapping & Activating Learning

October 25, 2020/by Rotana Ty


September 18, 2020/by Rotana Ty


September 12, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Retrospective & Futurespectives

August 29, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Triple Check

August 17, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Learning DJ

August 8, 2020/by Rotana Ty


July 17, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Strengths Building

July 8, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Curiosity for Skilled Sailors

June 7, 2020/by Rotana Ty


May 29, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Shifting Story

May 10, 2020/by Rotana Ty


April 12, 2020/by Rotana Ty

My #PKMastery Journey

March 18, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Learning Futures

February 17, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Effects of Audio

February 12, 2020/by Rotana Ty

PKM: what does it look like?

January 27, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Shaping My PKM

January 20, 2020/by Rotana Ty

Riding Waves

December 27, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Activating Learning & Work

December 16, 2019/by Rotana Ty


November 16, 2019/by Rotana Ty


October 6, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Curiosity Series

July 28, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Embracing Complexity & Engagement

June 23, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Meeting Community Hosts

June 2, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Visualizing Ourselves

April 6, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Personal Knowledge Mastery — Top Tools, Resources & Practices

March 3, 2019/by Rotana Ty


February 13, 2019/by Rotana Ty


January 6, 2019/by Rotana Ty

Staying Fresh

October 31, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Beyond Leadership

August 28, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Connected & Disconnected

July 12, 2018/by Rotana Ty


June 29, 2018/by Rotana Ty


June 17, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Being Present

May 15, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Workplace Futures

May 5, 2018/by Rotana Ty


April 15, 2018/by Rotana Ty


March 30, 2018/by Rotana Ty


March 30, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Future Skills

March 20, 2018/by Rotana Ty


March 19, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Curiosity Calling

March 10, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Curiosity Matters

March 9, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Learning Series

March 9, 2018/by Rotana Ty

The Blue Bird

March 9, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Embracing Not Knowing

March 9, 2018/by Rotana Ty

Having a Beginner’s Mind

February 25, 2018/by Rotana Ty


February 25, 2018/by Rotana Ty

On the Go

February 25, 2018/by Rotana Ty


February 25, 2018/by Rotana Ty

22 Questions to Activate your Learnability as a Modern Professional Learner

December 8, 2017/by Rotana Ty

The Neo-Generalist

September 22, 2017/by Rotana Ty

Continuous Learning

July 21, 2017/by Rotana Ty


February 20, 2016/by Rotana Ty

Navigating Knowledge Flows

February 20, 2016/by Rotana Ty

Business Education For All

February 20, 2016/by Rotana Ty

Wander with Creative Generalists

February 20, 2016/by Rotana Ty


February 20, 2016/by Rotana Ty

In the Age of Collective Learning

October 26, 2015/by Rotana Ty

The Learning Journey

October 3, 2015/by Rotana Ty

Deep Values

September 20, 2015/by Rotana Ty

Tapestry goes through my flâneur’s journey over 63 pages of my personal learnings, stories and reflections in an e-book format. Through thoughts, experience, practices, inspirations, nudges, and questions, I share my story to work and learn continuously in a networked world.



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