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When I was off to London for a three days exploration of the city. I felt refreshed and re-energized after my travel when I returned early this week. I love walking around the City of London.

three kew garden london autumn fall walk slow travel rotana ty

In Kew Garden, London.

walk stroll london thames river bay pier boat travel rotana ty

Morning Sunday walk along the Thames, London pier.

street art shoreditch borough london walk travel rotana ty

While heading to the subway, I took the time to shoot this street art fresco in the borough of Shoreditch, London.

This long weekend trip brought me this as I was mulling over my shift.

“Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms” — Brent Crane

I needed to be self-aware, self-regulated and rewire my brain.

“Whether travelling for business or pleasure travel should always be about discovery. The connections we make as we experience the world beyond ourselves. The knowledge we acquire as we talk to people who are different from us in their experiences and their perceptions. The challenge itself, the way we process it, rewires our brain and leads to a different way of considering where we are and who we are.

A sense of place and identity is key to creating a sense of purpose. Purpose gives meaning to actions.” — David Amerland

I needed to go slow.

“But, in a time when we favor answers over questions, efficiency over precision, another rule we should consider very carefully is the sixth one: “faster is slower” — @tdebaillon


“So play for a bit and then rest within yourself. Treat yourself as the precious and beautiful thing that you are and be well – you have it in you to get through this and many, many other things besides.

Keep nourished. Endure.” — Julie Drybrough

greenwich park london stroll walk slow tree grass travel slow rotana ty

A photo I shot during a stroll in Greenwich Park, London.

Update: as the pandemic hit in 2020, I examine travelling while using McLuhan tetrad. Below is my take.

travelling travel exploration connectedness visual thinking rotana ty

A visual produced by Rotana Ty

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