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Defining ours why. Identifying our superpowers and potentials. Scoping how we engage in-person and remotely, live and asynchronously within teams, networks and communities. The outputs of those activities are the pillars of our intentions to act deliberately, learn continuously and explore together.

What are the elements to paint with our brushes on a blank canvas? What can help us profile or at least craft a portrayal of why we are, who we are, and our strengths on our own and in interactions with other humans?

Imagine one or many graffiti artists working on an authorized big wall to create a new magnificent fresco to celebrate a main event such as the Paris Olympic Games 2024 or the World Soccer Cup.

What would they paint first if they were keen to represent themselves and the crowd of people who would come and enjoy the multiple sites in the region of Paris? Which texture, typography, colours, and dimensions would they give to their artful touch and craft? What would they show for their story? Which characters and landscapes? Which giants and tiny artefacts to highlight and hide?

Things are fluid and constantly evolving as you ride one experience at a time. Each work and learning experience shapes us as we reject or embrace it.

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