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Innovation: what does it take?

We live in an age of collective learning and connection. It can be easy to get to know each other. It is the same for collaborating and cooperating on meaningful and impactful projects.

It takes insights and instigators. Serendipity and synchronicity. Persistence and reverence. Trust and uniqueness.

It all starts with curiosity, too. What do I have learned from my work and learning journey so far?

Innovation: what do I do?

I hung out with different global and local teams to do projects at the intersection of learning innovation, community management and futures thinking. I have learned from and with different hungry and curious minds. Learnabilities and cultures.

I have learned from different innovation approaches, not the only ones that prevail in our world and France and Europe. In the names of design thinking and lean startup.

I have widened my perspectives on entrepreneurial constraints, possibilities, policies and mindsets—innovation approaches and practices.

Innovation: how is that?

I can build my own cornucopia when reinventing myself and imagining the possibilities together to solve global problems. A cornucopia to retrieve, reflect on, and remix. I can go beyond one method, approach, framework, process.

For instance, systems thinking, design thinking or any other innovative approaches I don’t know yet. I can mix different innovative and modern workplace learning approaches. I can shape my own cornucopia and a collective one.

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Innovation & Future Skills

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