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Learnability. What are the ways to activate it?

Discover my experience and resources to unlock your learning potential now.

Learning agility is a mind-set and corresponding collection of practices that allow leaders to continually develop, grow and utilize new strategies that will equip them for the increasingly complex problems they face in their organizations.” — J.P. Flaum and Becky Winkler in Harvard Business Review

Learnability is all about mindset and practices, behaviour set and a personalised toolset. So how can someone measure learnability? According to Manpower, this should be easy with a Learnability Quotient (LQ).

“Can you measure learnability? 

The Manpower Group has developed a web-based visual assessment to individual each individual’s Learnability Quotient (LQ). Results are expressed via three dimensions: 

  • Adventurous – the intrinsic desire to explore 
  • Intellectual – the motivation to learn 
  • Unconventional – questions the status quo. 

The score indicates an employee’s agility and level of motivation for self-development which also allows an organization to make decisions around development.” — The Modern Workplace Learning in 2018, an ebook by Jane Hart

Do you balance street smarts with book learning? Do you forge your path and are unafraid of the unknown? I do according to this self-assessment.

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I did another test on character strengths with the VIA Institute. Again, my love of learning popped up at the first rank.

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As suggested by my learning partner, Luis Suarez, I also did the StrengthsFinder Assessment brought by the Gallup Center.

My ‘learner’ strength also went on my top 10 theme strengths when I did the Clifton StrengthsFinder self-assessment in 2019. Over sessions with my certified coach, Lotte Koënig, I realised how strategic thinking is one of my prominent strengths.

clifton strengths assessment rotana ty

Self-assessments are helpful in getting to know me better and having data and patterns on why and how I am/become what I am inside and outside the workplace.

What are the science and the approaches behind the curtailing of those self-assessments? I wondered.

What matters to me is to share how I am and become a modern professional learner and learning catalyst.

“If you are looking for an example of #LOL (Learning Out Loud) and what it’d look like, look no further than this stupendous read by @rotanarotana So much to learn in that piece alone! #WOL” — @elsua

What does your learnability look like?

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