Did you have a pleasant summer? Do you enjoy Fall ?

Please find below my summer explorations: exhibitions and cities. Enjoy.

Le Havre & Exhibits

Le Havre in September 2019

Source: By Martin Falbisoner – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I previously visited Le …

On 21st October 2022, I hosted a three-hour in-person workshop with a local French partner in Le Grand Paris, France. It was fun, energizing and insightful. Discover my debriefing below.

Participants of the Soft Skills Workshop

Thirteen French solopreneurs from …

Summer exhibits I enjoy discovering.

Exhibit ‘City, Architecture & Care’ by Cynthia Fleury at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

I heard for the first time about Cynthia Fleury through a multidisciplinary and creative learning program I participated in in 2018. …


This post focuses on the steps involved in designing, onboarding, and hosting a community of practice or learning community. It emphasizes the importance of starting with a community strategy and design, especially for remote and distributed communities. The write-up …

Now-proofing your skills.

Why? How?

I completed the online certified course ‘‘Life After COVID-19: Get Ready for our Post-Pandemic Future‘ hosted by Jane McGonigal. She invited fellow futurists to gain clarity on ‘Action For Transformation’.

Project Title


“Your visual thinking, That, more than anything, is what I think is special about you. You have talent there, I think.” — Anne Marie Rattray

This is the feedback I got regarding the strengths I build. Below are some of …

New heights mapped.

In May, I went on a trip to hike, bike and explore the French region of Isère. I enjoyed exploring different places. It was a great way to reflect, learn, make sense and recalibrate while away.

A …

Potential and conversational.

Distributed Work & Soft Skills

hat are the predominant soft skills when working anywhere, aka distributed work?

This is a question we had in our Perpetual Beta Coffee Club at the end of Spring 2020. Below …

Random collisions of insights.

“The best way to uncover actionable insights is to catalyze more random collisions of unusual suspects. Make a #RCUS!” — @skap5


“Every combination of people in a group contributes to the greater dynamic. For

Podcasts I have heard. I will often update this page as I hear one podcast episode at a time.

I organize my notes per theme/discipline I pay attention to.

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