Did you have a pleasant summer? Do you enjoy Fall ?

Please find below my eight seasonal gems: book readings, exhibitions and cities. Enjoy.

Gem 1: Le Continent Blanc x Matthieu Tordeur


I read the paper book version since the …

Pluarity of seasons.

Summertime is almost over. Fall is around the corner. I can’t wait to see the best of all Autumn.

“We are plurality.

Our individuality is a temporary manifestation of relationships.

Relationships with the multitudes.”


Navigating Project Management to cope with uncertainty

I listened to an episode of : The Project Chatter Podcast, Project management under conditions of inherent uncertainty with Dave Snowden on the recommendations of Anne-Marie Rattray.

Here are my notes.



What does it mean for you ?

How do you activate mentoring ?

Why ?

The Mentoring One from The Women Talking about Learning Podcast

RT @marciamarcia RT @tloh: “I don’t have one mentor. My network mentors

What are the deep values that drive you as you explore the world on your own?

I’m delighted to share mine with you.

Deep Values 1: Emergence & Sensemaking

I’m keen to bring out and create value around shared interests